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Collaborating with Brad Amberheart, the Toronto collection features more humor and fun, longer format videos and instructional content. The invitation is to learn and explore alongside the models, including Windom Gold, Peter Pounder and more. This is an opportunity to dive a little deeper into the world of Himero.tv.


The jungles of Hawaii are a magical place. And the land is among the youngest on earth; the island has a rich vitality and abundance that is palpable to all who explore it. Hawaii is alive. With active lava tubes and eruptions, the land is breathing. And with fire running through its veins, Hawaii is a charged environment for exploring sex and sexuality. This project features Max Small and Troy Accola and was facilitated by Brad Amberheart.

Black Mountain

The first official Himeros.tv shoot, Black Mountain is an exploration of the principles on which Himeros.tv was founded. That is to say, this is a pioneering series that authentically portrays ecstatic erotic and sexual connection among gay male lovers. Our mantra for this shoot was, "Our sex is bigger than us." In addition to porn stars Joey Mills and Blake Mitchell, this series also showcases everyday men of all ages. This project was written and facilitated by Brad Amberheart.

Erotic Playground

Facilitated by sex coach Matthew Shur, this series is about connecting with - and healing - our younger self. And, in doing so, it also about learning from the wisdom of our younger self - and reconnecting with lost traits like curiosity and joy. We’re not just fleshbags of trauma - we still have the capacity to play, discover and create worlds of new meaning for ourselves.

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