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Fantasy Journey

Added: April 13, 2020 | Runtime: 13:12 | 9,900 views

Fantasy, in whatever form, is a map that we can use to see deeply into our own minds, revealing energies that enliven our bodies, heal us, and make our cocks ache with lust. We feel these energies when we imagine a scenario that really turns us on or when we fuck in a sexual position that truly ignites us. Even when we reminisce about peak experiences of our pasts, fantasy is transforming the friction of sex into something magical.

If we open up to each other about what we are thinking and feeling, we share so much more than our physical bodies - we share a gateway into our souls. Create a pathway to travel together, with as many twists to the plot as can be imagined.

Today, two lovers will create a fantasy - and then live it.

Concept created by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

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Recent Comments:
I loved the mist/clouds in the scene- it added to the eroticism. The music was nice, too. Wonderfully shot, highlighting the beauty of the performers. Great job!
Davey Wavey
Thanks! Watching it feels like a dream.
I'm older than my husband (I drawn to younger men, he to older) so sometimes we fantasy me being daddy and he my blond-haired, blue-eyed boy! Yes, it's a dominant (daddy)-submissive (boy) play, but at other times I like to play the su--I the slave, he my master. Put another way, fantasies are fun and lead to the intensity of our lovemaking.
It was too much! The scene with the guy sitting in top of the seat and his lover sucking his testicles. Very Erotic. Thank-you Davey
I really loved this scene, with 2 of my fave big cock stars. The gay smoke is a bit stupid but the sexual connection between these 2 sexy men is so intense - even tough there was no barebacking in the scene. I also love how Pierce doesn't get to cum and this is so sexy. I love scenes where one of the performers is denied his orgasm. So hot!
I love these two men who seem very much in love and seeking to satisfy each other in a gentle slow manner. This is my approach to making love to another man!

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