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Worship Me

Added: September 30, 2019 | Runtime: 17:25 | 9,149 views
When guys have sex, it’s usually about getting off. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, what would happen if we used sex as a form of devotion. What if, in a very real way, you used sex as a way to worship your partner - to bask in the presence of the god that they are. Video concept by Jason Tantra: http://www.tantra4gaymen.co.uk.
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Recent Comments:
One of the hottest orgasms I've ever witnessed.
Davey Wavey
We worried that it was too intense - almost that it would become unrelatable! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Five stars...excellent!
That was one of your most erotic and beautiful films that you have done.. Bravo
Davey Wavey
Thank you. It was a pleasure to create this video.
What a lovely pair they make! A beautiful film.
Davey Wavey
Thanks. They had really great chemistry. The connection that they are expressing is real.
Thanks, Davey! What a beautiful sharing of joy and orgasm which transcends everything else.
I would like to add too (and no need to publish this comment if you don't wish to do so) how much I appreciate the lack of a drug-induced super-erection in this video that one sees in so much porn. Wesley's less-than-rock-hard dick is probably closer to reality for many of us, and it certainly didn't inhibit his intense pleasure.
So beautiful! The beginning when Wesley is actually crying, and then his amazing orgasm at the end. Wow!
The power of heart to heart connection and ecstatic pleasure is immense. So many people miss out on that. I am so happy to see people who are open to being vulnerable and raw in this media to try and reconnect more people to their own potential for pleasure, connection and love.
This video gave me goosebumps!!! The religious undertones of worship and giving yourself over to someone was beautiful. Seeing what to me looked like shame leaving Wesley's body and him being able to be free and be fully there with Chris was spectacular. I think these kinds of affirmation sessions are so important to the healing of us as Gay men.
One of the most powerful orgasms I have ever seen. Beautiful love story and the quivering of his feet was just amazing.
Those 2 are both amazing! The chemestry is incredible. Well done!
Wowza! That is one HOT video.
That was one of the finest video I have ever seen. They had such incredible chemistry. You really do great work!
To submit to your lover who worships you. He brings you into a blissful state, slowly and gently massaging your penis, taking it into his mouth from time to time as you rise to an ecstatic state mentally and physically. Finally, he brings you past the point of no return, tastes and swallows your warm man juices, and he kisses you--mingling your tongues in sacred embrace!
I have had only one orgasm that intense in my life. My nipples are incredibly sensitive and fortunately my other half loves to play with them. One night he was chewing on a nipple and I just kept urging him to bite harder and harder while I beat off. He kept going and I kept going and when I finally achieved orgasm I thought my head was going to explode. It was the most incredibly intense experience of my life, and all because we kept listening to one another.
Davey Wavey
Ooo! Have you done more with nipple play? Some of our tantric instructors call that a "nipplegasm" - and it sounds like you're one of the lucky guys that has been able to have one!
Please help me!! I have been a fan of Chris Harder and can find no information about him. The last thing on his twitter is Sept 1st. Anybody know anything about what is going on? I'd certainly appreciate it... I know this is not the place but I am desperate to talk to someone about this and there is no where else to go... thanks....
Davey Wavey
He posts a bit more frequently on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/harderburlesque/?hl=en
That is possibly the most genuine, erotic, intense moments I've ever seen. It's also inspiring to think that I could experience or help someone experience sex that way.
I just signed up today; and it is videos like this one that is the reason. This was love making, not having sex. Thfoot washing was spiritual for me. I will return to this one often.
Biblical! From washing of the feet to climax.
What an outstanding video of two men in love making love. Wesley and Chris were perfect for this video. Please keep these cumming, Davey. Pure ecstasy.
Wesley & Chris seem like 2 adorable kind men. This scene suited both of them. I’m glad to see that Wesley received this love from Chris during this scene. In the aftermath of his assault I’m sure the pain was not over after the external bruises healed. Chris is so sweet & sincere. I loved it! That orgasm was the exclamation point at the end of this vid!
Is there any chance of posting a less-edited version? If I can't instantly relate, it's something to work towards. It took a few weeks to understand Leo Rising, but I'm getting there.
Davey Wavey
Thanks for the comment! Can you elaborate on what you mean by less edited? Unfortunately, this is the only version of the video that I have but I'd love to hear more about what you'd like to see. :)
When I said less-edited version, I think something along the lines of Tantric Hookup.
This beautiful video is truly about worship as much as sex. If, as another viewer notes, some miss the full experience of sex, it is equally true that a great many have never experienced honest worship. Imagine a god become flesh, one who can cry, one who can cum joyfully, ecstatically.... that is the kind of god one might actually believe in, one who has a heart large enough to make space for a worshiper to love him back....
Davey Wavey
Yes, you're right. If someone craves penetration, there are a billion videos featuring that. But how many videos show honest worshipping - the likes of which are featured in this video? How many videos feature men being moved to tears? How many videos show the level of authenticity that Chris and Wesley bravely embody? Very few, if any.
Today is Maundy Thursday when Jesus washed the feet of his friends. What better way to celebrate the day than to watch this beautiful film.
WOW! What a loud and intense orgasm. Loved the quivering of his feet.

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