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Facefuck Me

Added: January 14, 2019 | Runtime: 16:27 | 12,658 views

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This is a video about two men with a hot, intimate connection. Kenneth enjoys when guys kiss, touch and tease his neck, face and ears. But what he really loves is a deep, hard, aggressive facefucking. And today, that's exactly what he'll get. This video features Kenneth Connin and Pierce Paris. It was created with consultation by Andrew Gurza.
Recent Comments:
Ahh it makes me so happy that they both enjoy pleasuring each other. Wonderful video!
I’m glad to see reality in your production. This is a beautiful scene. This truly is organic. Bravo!
The diversity of the players, topics, themes, situations, actions and more in your films are so refreshing and a sight to behold! Thank you. Looking forward to all that is still to come.
I'd have liked to see Kenneth naked alongside Pierce (assuming Kenneth was OK with that), and I wish you'd nixed the drum track so we could hear more of their interaction. Otherwise, bravo!
This was hot. I am also pleased that it was done in consultation with a known (dis)abled advocate.
Watching this video I was simultaneously aroused and emotionally moved almost to the point of joyful tears. The tender yet assertive lovemaking and facefucking between the two men is a first in erotica. I agree with Michael that you might have nixed the drum track and let the sounds of two men pleasuring each other speak for itself. Once again, Himeros has produced a video that goes where few dare and done it with clas. Thank you!
This is an amazing, beautiful, arousing, haunting, ground-breaking video. I agree with Michael that the drum track is an auditory distraction and that the sounds of two men, one of whom is a quadriplegic who enjoys being face fucked by a respectful, yet dominating lover. Kudos to Himeros!
Unexpected. . .but beautifully done. Joy and tenderness for both guys. I too object to the soundtrack--had to turn the sound off--does not fit and interferes with the beauty of the scene.
Well done, but I missed Davey's narration....
OMG, please have more representation of sexuality like this. I commend you Davey along with Kenneth and Pierce in expressing intimacy in many of its forms. Well done!
I didn't know it was possible to feel aroused, socially conscious, and heartbroken all at once. Pierce had to be so careful and tender while positioning Kenneth (which was erotic in itself) but he was also ardent and forceful throughout. When they laid their heads together at the end I lost it.
Incredibly sensuous and hot. Made me explode.
I thought this scene was great. I just joined this site and I think I started in a great spot. Totally erotic.
That was Awesome!
I just joined Himeros and want to say how beautiful this intimate scene was. I wish perhaps both men had been in the nude to enhance the intimacy they were having and that Pierce would have shot his awesome load of cum into Kenneth's mouth so as to complete the awesome facial fucking they were enjoying. It was most obvious muscular Pierce was having a good workout.
What a total crock of bullshit. Cancel my membership!
I started crying like 2 minutes in & had to take a break before continuing to watch; as this was immediately so beautiful & special, as well as I had no idea “this” was what the movie was. I don’t normally join sites, but joined this one due to its mission & vision. I did not make a mistake.
I had a friend with ALS that was straight his whole life. But at the end of his life when the disease took over his body his mind was still sharp and he could still get an erection. None of our female friends would help him get a release so he asked if I would do it cause he knew and accepted that I was gay. I was so honored that he wanted me to help him in this way. Himeros, you have outdone yourselves with this beautiful and wonderfully erotic scene. All people need affection especially those with mind and body that needs to experience pleasure. I’m completely turned on and inspired. 😘
Well done Davey...
What a great video. It is erotic and hot! The whole situation makes this very arousing. Super job!
I am very grateful for this video and especially for Kenneth braveness to be out there and the willingness of Pierce for doing this with Kenneth! I have a disability myself as well and I to, have a hard time finding such content as this anywhere else. It's a big shame that NO ONE ELSE is trying or have a LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, and RESPECT to do this because they are too scared, no time, not enough homework behind it, or NO ONE IS WILLING! I hope Davey get Kenneth back for more in the "near future" and I hope we see Kenneth naked and doing more things. Thank You again for this!!
I agree that the music can become a lot as I prefer the sounds of sex to some of the most enjoyable and arousing parts of it. Beautiful video. Very hot, and filled with care.
What a beautiful video and totally hot. I shot a load as I was watching it. I'm new here, just joined a couple of hours ago and looking forward to going deeper into my connection with men.
I never thought much about till I subbed in a rehab center. I love this! We are all human & have the same desires for sex & to be kissed & touched. Lord!
Intense, maybe the most-intense thing I've ever seen. The pounding music leading to that thrilling, deeply-felt climax, wow.
This is one of my favourite scenes on this site. Despite being a quad, I think Kenneth Connin is incredibly sexy and to team him up with Pierce makes for an incredibly hot scene. Not only is Kenneth handsome and sexy, his complete vulnerability and helplessness at the hands of Pierce and his big cock make him the perfect sex toy. And whilst Pierce takes full advantage of this, you can tell Kenneth is loving it, even grateful for it. Just the fact that Kenneth never gets to take his clothes off, neither he or Pierce touch his paralysed cock and he doesn’t get to cum – these all make for a very intense, very sexy encounter. Please try to get Kenneth to do more scenes, as this one definitely has a “Part Two”. Watching Ken get face fucked is so hot but I would love to see his super tight, quad ass get fucked relentlessly by Pierce’s huge cock. More Kenneth, please and more sexy, white disabled guys!
I, too, think Kenneth is incredibly sexy. To suck that monster, one must have incredible control while enjoying every inch. I definitely want to see Kenneth back. He certainly added to the sexual tension!
Being a lower left leg amputee with diabetes, I related to thisn and the need for physical contact. I am an old man, but I still want bodily touch and loving. I wish I could go somewhere safe with men I can pleasure which would give me pleasure. Who knows, it may bring to life a limp dick with many memories. Any such warm place I can go? Handicap facilities? I truly need a loving male contact.
Sensuality at its finest!
This was really special!

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