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Calvin's Dream

Added: November 19, 2018 | Runtime: 17:11 | 68,435 views

Watch Davey and friends discuss Calvin's Dream on Himeros LIVE, our weekly podcast.

Discover why we created Calvin's Dream on the Himeros.tv blog.

This video was filmed during Himeros.tv's "Tantric Retreat for Porn Stars". For this video, we started with a simple concept: Calvin would be riding his bike through the desert, and then arrive at a trailer. The rest of the concept was left in the hands of the models. They would finish the video's plot, based on their dreams.

During one of the retreat's workshops, we discussed dreams. The models shared some of the dreams that they had been having during the retreat, and a few stood out. In one dream, Calvin was watching an ex-lover have sex with another man. He was struggling with feelings of jealousy and having a difficult time letting go. In another dream, Calvin felt like he was in a video game - playing the same level over and over again.

We combined those two dreams to complete this video's concept.

Calvin bikes through the desert and arrives at a trailer. He opens the door, and finds his lover. They make out, and start having sex but then the dream starts over - just like the video game.

This time, Calvin arrives at the same trailer. He opens the door and finds his lover with another man. At first, Calvin is upset. He is jealous. He feels all the human emotions that so many of us feel. But he stays. He watches his lover with another man, and watches the pleasure that his former partner is feeling. At the end of the scene, Calvin almost smiles. Almost. And then the dream starts over.

This time, Calvin arrives at the same trailer. He opens the door and sees only his reflection. Watching his reflection, in an act of self love, Calvin jerks off.

One final time, the dream restarts. But this time, Calvin doesn't enter the trailer. His lesson has been learned.

This video was developed with the vision of Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com

Recent Comments:
This broke my heart just a bit. I know what it's like to have to see someone you love with another lover. If it's meant to be then things will come together in the end but for now I need to focus on my own growth and happiness and to remind myself that if I love this person then I want the same for them. These men are brave for put their heart into their work as well as their bodies.
Absolutely beautiful.
I thought the ecstasy in the face of the partner of Calvin’s ex at the time of his orgasm was beautiful to behold ...
Really good work! The second set reminded me of a hot scene on Sense8. Hot!!!
I love this stunning, sexy, hot, built guy with a beautiful cock and balls,and an adorable face. I'd want to be so versatile and loving to him. I'd like to see him in a show such as Sense8, or a movie in which he calls me by his name. Sense8 had the most glorious cluster fuck at the end!
Absolutely awesome Calvin's Dream. I loved every moment of this beautiful story. Such beautiful erotic romanticism in the desert setting. All aspects of this video were perfectly pieced together including beautiful sound track to accompany the awesome all forms of sex as shown. The rimming was beautiful. The fucking was awesome. The masturbation was beautifully done. This is truly one of the most beautiful videos of gay love I have ever seen as it portrayed the reality all of us gay men experience. Truly one of the best videos ever produced.
Like many here, I think that too many of us can relate to situations like this. A place where learning to love one's self is torment, and a journey that we all have to take.
The self love scene had me tearing up a bit. It was a wonderful and very revealing video.
The word "Porn" doesn't do justice to this piece. Very moving. And I can't help thinking of the trust and vulnerability of the actors with and among one another required to pull this off so convincingly.
Calvin Banks is so freaking hot he could just be walking down the street and I’d get a hard on. But combine him with the artistic abilities of Davey and Brad the sky is the limit. The use of the wind chimes just added to the sensuality of the movie. Well done. For sure I’ll watch it again and again and again!
My favorite video so far.
Beautifully done video and love the music!
I am a sucker for Blonde Hairy Men
This was raw, sexy, beautiful and said. Calvin Banks is a stunner, as are Alex Meckum and Max Adonis. This is so dream-like, and with amazing sexual tension. It's a great art flick. A++++.
love it!
Watched this again, and thought I would comment. It is beautifully done. Calvin is one of my favorite stars.

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