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All, Rise

Added: September 28, 2020 | Runtime: 14:33 | 16,847 views

There is a Hindu tantric saying, nadevo devam arcayet, “by none but a god shall a god be worshiped.” Inner Reaches of Outer Space, Joseph Campbell.

We use the physical body as a portal to a deeper experience of our own selves. Worship is a mindset. We may have lost touch with the parts of ourselves that feel deep reverence, since we are often spiritual outliers of our own cultures of origin, orphans of the gods, with a ravishing hunger for gods among men. Worthiness for all.

The idea of the cock, idolized, a towering emblem. We expect this, no less. To the gay psyche, it is iconic, familiar, and the prize.

The cock is only one part of the man. It has come to be associated with power, might, strength, and masculinity. We hunger for it because we are animals. A huge cock can leave us feeling filled completely and well-fed. It, too, can be an idol without meaning when the man attached to it is lost on us. Truly, every part of a man can be subject to praise, unlocking tremendous erotic potential.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
The slow, sensuous, close ups made my cock immediately hard. Very nice-I felt like I was in the room and it's inspired me to solicit a third for my husband and I. He'll love getting fucked by us both. What a great inspiration for others.
This video definitely had a spiritual quality to it. You could feel the connection between the three men. The videography with the "haze" appearance was a nice touch, along with the music, gave it that spiritual feel. It was like watching three angels having sex. I want to worship in that church! Well done!
Davey Wavey
It did feel like three angels... Worshipping the phallus.
The cinematography was gorgeous in this one, Davey. The lighting, soft focus and matching the music to the pace of the scene all worked together creating a great blend of eros and passion. The fact that Kayden was in this... well, that's just gravy! OK, I'm a little biased where Kayden's concerned. :)
I have just come out of a half hour reverie after watching and cumming.. This just exacerbated my eagerness to be able to touch, to connect physically, to give myself to unreserved loving once the clouds of pandemic have lifted. That is nothing but a good thing, as I feel coming out of this a promise, a hope, a renewal. I grow more and more admiring of Himeros videos. Spiritual and artful they are.
The lighting was perfect. Loved how it caught some of their body hair. Also emphasized their moans. Good music choice.
Man-to-Man-to-Man sex is not only beautiful, as shown here, but also a very sacred expression of our masculinity. Thanks for this, Davey.
What a beautiful movie, I loved it!
I LOVED everything in this video. It was a complete turn-on. Himeros TV is a fantastic site, and all of the models, the sex, and erotisism turn me on quickly and keep me breathing hard as well as COCK hard. Keep up the fantastic work? I'm sure it is a complete pleasure, I know it is for me.
I’d love to work on a film project like this. So beautiful
I must say this is the most wonderful cock worshipping scene one can dream of. True gods exist, no doubt. No better way to ease loneliness, for sure...
this is BEAUTIFUL ! I've been in a few "standard" porn films - I would LOVE to take part in something like this - exceptionally well done - the back lighting was a great choice and the slow mo made emphasized the artistic elements while making it SO erotic - congrats on creating a beautiful work of art
Amazing, sensual, erotic, artful video, beautifully done. If worship is about admiration, love and adoration, what is there not to admire, love and adore about about this beautiful threesome and the bliss they portray? Their spectacular erections, the sexual vitality that radiated between them, and the deep connections that swallow them into each other are undeniably worship-worthy.
When I saw the opening image I thought of Shiva, one of the Hindu gods. I found this quote in a book. Shiva said, " I am not distinct from the phallos. The phallos is identical with me. It draws my faithful to me and therefore must be worshipped. Wherever there is an upright male organ, I, myself, am present, even if there is no other representation of me.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Très magnifique ménage à trois de Finn le Fantastique!
Really beautiful movie. The man in the middle was amazing and made you feel his pleasure as he received it so well and could flip around to reverse the positions of his lovers to keep them fired up. This felt like the ultimate fantasy three way for the man in between. So beautifully erotic. Love to see more.
Still one of my favorites... the music and the style that it was shot... very artistic...
This video was very special and totally aroused me and I wished I was there taking part! Thanks to the three men!
This is a masterpiece.
I joined Himeros because of this video. I think I've watched it like four times, but still haven't gotten past the first couple of minutes.
Davey Wavey
It's too hot to handle.

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