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Glory Holed

Added: March 18, 2019 | Runtime: 13:39 | 19,657 views

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Glory holes were a vehicle for sexual expression during difficult times for LGBT people. The sex was anonymous, but hot - and and a big reason for that heat was the element of anticipation. Waiting for a dick to service was, in an of itself, almost like an act of edging. It allowed the sexual energy to build and build - until reaching an explosive climax.

There have been many glory hole videos done before. But few feel as authentic as this film, which focuses heavily on the element of anticipation and is set in the late 1970s or early 1980s.

The film features Hunter Graham and Pierce Paris.

Recent Comments:
I love gloryhole scenes and this one did the trick. There is something about the anonymous seedy nature of gloryholes that I just love. Plus the first gay experiences I had in my twenties where at the opening of a gloryhole.
The joy he has when he sees that cock peek thru! I feel it! Great video!
Thanks Himeros for reminding me of the joys of gloryholes! So many hot times in men’s rooms in my younger days!
this is super hot! one of your best
The best blow jobs are when you are stroked while being sucked. He knows how to do this very well....
I have always believed that providing gloryhole service is an important part of becoming a great cocksucker. At a gloryhole, you come across a tremendous variety of cocks (small/medium/large, cut/uncut, fast/slow cummers, all races/ages/body types) — it just a cock and a mouth. Practice, practice, practice — develop a taste for cum (spitters are quitters). When I was at school, I never left the men’s room or bookstore without at least 3 loads and served several times a week. It’s great to see this guy starting so young. His eagerness was a real turn-on for me.
This young man is living the dream. He gets to suck on a nice cock and feed on the man creme. That is my fantasy.
Amazing, highly-charted eroticism, with just that tinge of anxiety: "Will I score? / Will I get caught?"
So sorry I did not see this earlier when it first came out for viewing. Such a beautiful scene of anticipation followed by such an awesome climax. So appropriate that two guys can achieve the satisfaction they desire and bonding they seek without having any communication except for the beautiful act of love they share. This must be one of the best produced by Himeros.
Great glory hole..a wonderfully produced piece of erotica. I love glory holes, so rare these days.
This brought back memories of my gloryhole days in adult bookstores and public restroom. I regret Hunter was not in the next stall giving me a blow job. This was so erotic. The slow moves. The bubbles in his mouth. The cum. Thank you Davey.
And suddenly a gorgeous penis waiting to be sucked emerges through the glory hole. I like his hand-jacking and sucking combination--the method that is sure to get me off. I've been on the receiving end this way at a local bathhouse....
The best thing about a glory hole is you can enjoy sucking a dick without a hand on the back of your head pushing you to take more than you canšŸ¤£
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck....the anonymity of it all is out of this world...I LOVE it!
The inherent sexiness of a glory hole blowjob to me, is never seeing his face. Just the the cock and the mouth doing their jobs, whichever job you prefer performing. Sometimes I enjoy being the one just getting my cock serviced, by who-who cares, and sometimes I love being the one on my knees doing all the work. It's ultimately very 'male' to me. Women can't understand that give and take a glory hole offers. To me a glory hole is as ultimately intrinsically as purely masculine as a jock strap.
this is what I figure Beverly Hills was like. That day. For George Michael. Walking right into a sting operation. What a horrible thing that was. How devastating for George Michael. Stayed with him until his death.
I could not take my eyes off Hunter's beautiful, pale white hands. His sexy red lips on Pierce's thick, brown cock were mesmerising. And as Hunter didn't get to shoot his own load at the end - that was dead sexy
great video, just needed more spit
A cumshot at the end would have been nice. A reward for all the hard work. I love glory holes and I miss them. I love watching a cute face suck cock.
The look of Joy on his face as a big beautiful gay cock emerges and presents itself is priceless

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