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Pole Switch

Added: May 27, 2019 | Runtime: 13:43 | 13,191 views

Top. Bottom. Versatile. Do we find freedom in these labels? Or limitations?

Topping and bottoming are two ways that we think of polarity - opposites attracting towards one another. In good sex, there is an inherent quality of polarity. After all, if we acted identically to our partner, we’d have a stalemate.

But often times, without even realizing it, we allow the partner with the dominant energy dictate the flow of sexual energy, and we go along with it.

This is a sex game to create polarity, regardless of your sexual position.

Set a timer for 5 minutes. One partner agrees to be the one that dictates what happens. He moves the plot along, so to speak. The other partner receives, and expresses, let’s go, allows the giver to create the scene. Try to get into what he is offering, even if it’s not your first choice in expressing. If something hits a limit, and you want things to stop - say the safe word red.

Then at the end of the 5 minutes, the partners switch. The game will likely contain common arrangements of polarity like give/receive dynamics such as blow jobs, ass fucking, etc. But the intent is to turn some of these concepts on their heads and and to get creative. During your 5 minutes, do whatever you want.

Concept created by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

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Recent Comments:
Great concept, awesome video.
So close! What a shame the alarm went off! Was really enjoying the fisting with cock sucking up until the conclusion with no climax. Poor guy on the receiving end - guess we will just have to use our imagination if he shot his load or not. To be continued?
Love the concept! I could watch these two handsome guys enjoying themselves for hours! Such a hot duo!
one of your best! you continue to do imaginative videos that are getting more daring--and great how the men have great, genuine chemistry. bring us more like this.
I’m very thankful for this video and loved how you portrayed the topic of fisting. Very beautiful and I hope to see more of this type of connection and content!
Wow, what an amazing video. I wish Hunter Graham could fist my eager hole.
Great video. It helps that Hunter has small hands :)
Oh check Yeah!!! I Love you Pierce...😘
My husband and I are versatile. I usually take the initial lead and after cock and other play fuck him. Then he takes over and fucks me as I like it--hard and penetrating and spurting his man juices deeply within me. Our romantic thought is that cumming inside each other means that our juices will be absorbed into our blood streams, making their way to our hearts! I wish more videos ended with cumming inside instead of pulling out and masturbating to orgasm. If need be cum can be shown dripping out. I've seen so many cumshots that I don't want cumshots displacing what we normally do when we fuck--cum in our partner's deep cavern!
I wanted to smash that ⏰. He was close!
Wow! It's a great video! It's so intense to see pierce having such pleasure!
Well I wasn't ready for that last scene! I usually am not into fisting videos, or fisting for that matter, but that was unexpectedly very enticing to me. I think because I enjoy role reversal probably the most. This is part of why this is the only site I've ever paid for, because that seemed to be a theme here. The slight pale boy's arm up that hot daddy's ass was the opposite of what I would have expected and therefore made me rock hard instantly. Well done sirs.
Wow! I love this video! What really strikes me is the fact that this video portrays some of the most insanely exciting sexual fun between men--yet does it all within the context of a conscious erotic exercise between two consenting, totally-sober, horny men. I love it! I often watch other Tantric coaches' videos because they inspire me in my day-to-day world--not to mention in the other renditions of content I create for Himeros, too. Thanks, Finn! The "Pole Switch" has already been adding extra spice to my 9-year relationship with a lover and is a GREAT way to heat up the action with men for men who've just met. LOVE it!
Fucking loud music is the worst.
This is the hottest, most erotically charged, thing I've seen on Himeros so far!! Watching Hunter suck dick is like taking a masterclass. Davey, if you read the comments on older content: Why Have a seen more updates from Hunter since 2019?
Wow Pierce! Wtf bro, was he checking your prostate?

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