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Top From The Bottom

Added: October 7, 2019 | Runtime: 11:58 | 8,682 views

Is it possible to top from the bottom? We think so.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart.

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Recent Comments:
Another hot orgasm to start the week! The shots of Graham are especially appealing. They capture beautiful skin tones.
Definitely agree! As a "bottom" assuming a "top" position as seen here, my positioning can get his hard wand to better hit/rub/arouse my prostate, not to mention sinking that wand of his the deepest it can go! I also find it easier to clench my anal muscles around his hard tool and bring it to climax when "I" want. We’ve done the strapping of hands on occasion, but I tend to enjoy his hands free to stroke me to orgasm while enjoying my controlling ride on him. Another beautifully done video with two stunning men.
LOL the ending was the BEST! lol Really cute way to end a super hot scene <3
Davey Wavey
Yes! I'm glad you stuck around until the cheeky ending.
I've never been disappointed by one of your clips, highly aroused by most. Thanks.
That was awesome, and I loved the light bondage. Any chance you'd do a similar style video using a sling, showing it doesn't have to be so ridiculously hard core, but actually a great way to explore trust and letting go?
Davey Wavey
That's actually a great idea. We haven't yet filmed anything with a sling. We're planning on doing an entire kink-themed shoot in 2020. Perhaps that will be a good opportunity for a sling.
Sexy, well conceived and role bending! Now I'd like to see a small cock guy top the a grateful big cock guy.
Being a submissive top ("subtop"), giving yourself to the will of your bottoming lover, is a beautiful hing!
An especially arousing presentation! Though my hand weren’t tied, I’ve been ridden similarly. What an unspeakable experience! Thanks!
I was actually disappointed by the ending. It's one thing if a partner expresses a desire for that; it's another thing altogether to leave them lying there without taking care of their needs. That's one thing I really dislike about hyper-"masculine" top types who think sex is all and only about them and their needs. There's more than enough of that toxicity to go around without adding to it.
I'd have liked to see the active penetrator get to finish with a pent up ejaculation.
I like being bound and having my husband call the shots, sometimes with a third person playing....
I love it when my bottom takes control of me like that. As if my cock is the only useful part of me. Makes me feel not just wanted and needed but demanded. Both these boys are delicious but mostly I appreciate how real thus far all the video's I've seen, are. I feel like I'm sitting right there getting to peek into their play. As if I'm being allowed to be a voyeur.
Wow! I am really surprised by this video. I am the top who wants to be dominated by a bottom. But it’s really hard to find one that what’s to do that. I will use this video as instructional for the guys I meet. Please do others like that.
The chemistry between Dalton and Hunter- this type of video is why I joined himerostv!

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