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Journeys - Episode Two

Added: August 12, 2019 | Runtime: 13:12 | 35,508 views

Episode two of our four-part series titled "Journeys". Written and directed by Matthew Lynn and produced by Davey Wavey, this series explores loss through the five stages of grief.

Production Sound – Matt Kendrick

Camera Assistant – Austin James

Post Sound Supervisor – Noelle DiMarco

Original Score by – Bridge the Divide Media

Production Assistant – Chad Remy

Production Assistant – Nicolas Wilson

Sex & Intimacy Coach – Finn Deerheart

Jason – Calvin Banks

Alex – Chris Harder

Billy – Ray Dexter

Ben – Will Tantra

Mysterious Man – Markus Kage

Couple in Window – Windom Gold & Andre Donovan

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Recent Comments:
Are we going for erotic content or a therapy session. C'mon guys. Don't give me real life. Give me fantasy.
Davey Wavey
Thanks for the feedback. It's my hope that a video like this is a combination of emotion AND fantasy. After all, getting fucked in the basement by a hot bodybuilder is certainly quite fantastical. :-P
Grief and sex are equally demanding of our strength in more than just the physical sense. This series is showing the depths of the journey of sex, intimacy and grief with all their complex vulnerabilities.
Loving this series! I am seeing myself in it and the decision I make when I am feeling really down and out of it.
Real life is what it is all about. If you want fake staged material go to any one of the numerous sites out there. Real life material is what is special and refreshing with Himeros.
Ray Dexter: nice acting. More please in the future. Ideally in more non-stereotypical roles.
Really fine work--great story line, cinematography, and acting. Yes, real life, real pain, real sex. That's the world we live in.
Enjoying the Journeys series. Beautiful scenes and appreciate the story lines and of course, the man to man sex which is very hot. I also like the tender moments, too. Love the entire videos, for sure.
Ray Dexter really did have me begging for more.
Love it ... Well done.
Don’t listen to the critics that don’t get what you are trying to do here. If they want the same old porn they can go to the same old websites. What you are doing here is way more than just sex. We are multi dimensional people. Not just walking penises. Thanks for what you are doing with this site. It has been needed for a very long time. 😊
I thoroughly enjoyed this video. This is what's missing in adult films. I enjoy these real life films where it feels like I'm watching a movie, but with adult centered themes and obviously erotica. This is the "porn" that's missing in my life! Thanks Davey for creating artwork that is beautiful and erotic such as this
This is so amazing. If you could combine this erotic porn with a story line like Dante's Cove or the Lair...or Queer as Folk...that would be the absolute money load.
That basement scene was intense. the ominous music is sexy and affecting but I was craving hearing that body builder take advantage of the boy's ass that was clearly being offered. these realistic scenes are sooooo fucking hot but could we have a bit more realistic sound too? Ain't nothing like a mans groan, especially if it's real too.
The Nostalgia is real.. this is one of my faves! Wow
Thank you. I relate to this. It's what I've done after losing my best friend. And it feels good to know that this is a common way to deal with the feeling of loss.
If I can't feel good, I at least want to feel SOMETHING - Sadly, I can really, really relate to this. Very HOT scene!

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