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I'll Have S'more - Circle Jerk

Added: December 24, 2018 | Runtime: 11:20 | 12,008 views

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Masturbation is the most common sexual activity in the history of humanity. It requires nothing from anyone else. You are in control.

But all too often, shame and secrecy isolate us during masturbation. Most people never get to enjoy the unique experience of pleasuring themselves within a circle of accepting people who are all doing the same thing.

It’s a magical experience worth having.

Today, you’re invited to our circle jerk - but, consider organizing your own with a few select friends.

Instead of watching a movie or playing video games, having a circle jerk will allow for unconditional acceptance to permeate the connections with your brothers.

Realize that men have played with their dicks in this manner for millennia. Making your dick feel good connects you to each other, to all the men in the world, and to every man who has ever loved the phallus. Don’t be afraid to view your brothers arousal. Don’t be ashamed to show yours.

As the circle raises more and more sexual energy, see what it feels like to lightly interact. Make eye contact and connection. Allow yourself to be aroused by what you see, by how each person has their own way of getting off. As you generate your own sexy energy, see what it feels like to share it from a place of abundance.

This is a celebration. There is no need for shame, no need to compete, everyone exploring and exploding at their own pace.

You are not alone. We are men and we celebrate ourselves and each other.

This concept is written by Dr. Jallen Rix and features Dalton Briggs, Logan Cross and men.com exclusive Diego Sans.

Recent Comments:
Mark T
I hope people are getting the irony of masturbating on a GRAHAM cracker.
So homoerotic to gather with friends and masturbate together, watching each other stroke, touch our bodies all over, vary the grips and pace of our jacking, finally ejaculate and taste the sweet nectars that come from deep within us....
So wonderful to see men masturbate together enjoying one another as each reaches his ultimate pleasure
I would have loved to have seen the guy eat the graham cracker with his cum all over it!
I would absolutely love to participate in a circle jerk! Mmmmmm
The fire light glow on those gorgeous men is so beautiful and erotic. Excellent film making.
Yes!! So hot. I have loved every circle jerk I have been a part of. The twist with the graham cracker at the end was great
Intense! (parts of me wanted Davey to come in more on the NARRATION, his voice? Makes you think Davey could even make getting a jay-walking ticket hot.
Wow, I had not thought of a Circle Jerk in years. Definitely worth exploring again.
Diego Sans is such a beautiful man and does not shave his magnificent body hair, Please more videos with him
The sacredness of this brotherhood, the cumming on the graham cracker like a eucharistic host, an offering of our bodies to each other. The heat, the hotness, the gaze, and ending in the trinity of men by a fire roasting marshmallows. Simply beautiful.
This really was beautiful (except for the marshmallows which just the thought of makes me feel sick). I too thought he was going to eat the cracker, which now gives me a new way to eat my cum. Agreed - I absolutely love hairy men, just the thought gets me hard.

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