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Added 10/28/2019

Categories: Anal Pleasure Hunks Oral Sex Games

video description:

A fundamental fear that many of us encounter is the fear that we want sex too much. We may have absorbed this message from a variety of sources, that sex is a treacherous, slippery-slope, upon which we will fall into an eternity of wanting. At the same time, so many of us were forbidden to have what we actually wanted. We may have spent hours longing for sex, hiding our desires, fearing that we may never be able to express. What if we take back the power in wanting? We can experience tremendous pleasure in stretching out time, recreating a sense of the forbidden, but loving every second of it, because, now, we get to choose how the story ends.

And sometimes, what we discover is that the wanting can be just as much fun as the having.

This concept is by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

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