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Inside Edging

Added: January 27, 2020 | Runtime: 13:33 | 28,543 views
Davey issues a sexy, fun challenge to Diego Sans and Logan Cross: To excite each other as much as possible and get very, very close to cumming - but without going over the cliff. Video concept by Dr. Jallen Rix: http://doctorrix.com
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Recent Comments:
This was a really hot scene. Both models seemed to enjoy it but I'm glad that you let Diego mention that it wasn't for him and that that's is okay. Not everything works for everyone. Also, Cross is so freakin' limber, him holding his leg up while being eaten out was so hot. I just hope he wasn't to uncomfortable holding his split position while given that blow job. :) Great work from your studio as always Davey.
Davey Wavey
Thanks for the feedback! And yes, I think it's true to the sexual journey that not everything is for everyone - and it's important to show that. Part of the process is finding what does and doesn't work for you!
Oh wow! Watching Diego and Logan made me shiver with delight. Beautiful scene! I loved the mutual masturbation and of course watching Logan suck on Diego's penis. I lay in bed stroking my own cock and teasing my nipples. I reached the point of no return and shot my load on my chest and stomach. Oh fuck yeah! It feels so good!
If I can tell my experience. Edging isn't only about sex, it is about life energy as it is an ancient qi gong practise. When someone wants to try edging, should also train his breathing practise Deep breathing... · for selfcontrol (especially after days of edging) · to avoid testicoles pain (if you don't let your sexual energy circle in your body probably it will happen) · to rich the real purpose of edging that, as I understood, is to use your sexual energy as the the most strong source of life energy connected with the universe (sky man earth) When I practise edging at least for hours, when finally I come, it's very similar to have a full body orgasm
Davey Wavey
Thank you for the insight!
First, what a great reminder to slow everything down, and make the most of the experience. I sometimes forget how much the "edging process" adds to the total experience. And second, Diego is an incredibly beautiful man, in every way..... :)
What I love about this site is that it is thoughtful, beautiful and honest. Like the rest of us Diego and Logan tried something different and came to different conclusions about the experience. Very nice!
This might be one of your most erotic scenes yet! Or, maybe I'm just that into edging. The build up and denial and then the build up again is incredibly erotic! Then when that climax does occur it is other worldly to say the least! This video was a great depiction of that. Diego may not have thought this was for him but he did get pleasure from the experience and in the end...isn't that what it really is all about? Btw, I attended your online workshop last weekend and it was great! Thank you so much for doing that!
Crushing on Diego after that closing interview.
Like many indulgences, edging may be something we get better at as we get older. Give these young guys some time and they will probably develop a better taste.
I am disappointed that there is no "verbal" going on and all the videos have music instead of two guys talking and making some noise. The music is what they play at the spa, it makes me sleepy. But the guys all look good.
Thanks for a video with edging. I masturbate every day using warm coconut oil. I edge, have multiple orgasms, practice semen retention, do the big draw most days. I ejaculate every two or three weeks. When I edge I tighten my p.c. muscle just before ejaculation and move the Energy through my whole body. It makes me feel great. Whereas when I ejaculate I feel depleted and brain numb for quite a while.
I can see where Diego is coming from on this. It's certainly an erotic video, but I like masturbating with a buddy and somehow it feels so good to have an ejaculation at the end and both of feel very relaxed afterwards
It was hot, but I would not consider it a couple edging. For me, I like a bit of bondage, or at least mental bondage. You are not allowed to touch yourself. Your partner has full control of your arousal and your ability to orgasm. It's a very intimate situation, you learn a lot about your partner and yourself. You enter an almost meditative state, where all you can experience or think about is the pleasure and denial you are receiving/giving. It's also much more verbal, at some points begging for release. It builds trust, intimacy, and makes sex so much more than just a fleeting orgasm. Of course at the end of a 5 hour edging session with buddy you do hit the ceiling when you are eventually allowed to cum.
Big fan of edging here. It's a great way to get out of the here and now and get above it all. I'll be edging to this! Diego is HAF and he and Logan appear to have great chemistry. Like one of the commentators above, I like that neither of these guys said that they are edging enthusiasts, but they appeared to be sold on the practice by the end of the film. Another extraordinary effort for Davey Wavey.
PS - The scene where Logan is balanced on his left leg, right leg lifted, making his hole available to Diego is sublime. Diego feasts on it and Logan has to bite his full, cherry red lip. It's like a scene depicted on an ancient homo-erotic Greek vase.
I love this video however the music kills it for me.
I've got to agree about the music: so odd and such an inappropriate choice for the scene; it bordered on the ridiculous. The music definitely detracted from an otherwise hot scene with two beautiful men.
Loved the cinematography and both models are so hot. But not sure they really got what edging is? I guess it's different for everyone, like Diego doesn't enjoy it so much, but for me edging isn't just building up to just short of climax and backing down, repetitively; it's more building up to just short and then keeping at that point to experience the pre-ejectory electric energy feeling over a long period, riding that edge! You lose that either by backing off, or by actually shooting at orgasm. Like other posters, would love to hear more ASMR sounds through the music! Thanks Wavey!

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