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Man In The Mirror

Added: July 15, 2019 | Runtime: 05:24 | 7,218 views

Do you know what you look like when you’re aroused?

It might sound like a funny question, but most people have never seen themselves while infused with sexual energy.

They are afraid they’ll look silly, or gross or they're uncomfortable seeing themselves sexy - much less naked in front of a mirror. But today, we will witness ourselves in all our ecstatic glory.

Video concept by Dr. Jallen Rix: http://doctorrix.com/

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Recent Comments:
Body hair + foreskin = perfection
Wow, another great video! As I watched, I couldn’t keep my hands from myself as if it was happening to me. Beautiful guy and so chiseled and good looking. Hair works on him for sure. Great subject and outstanding filming techniques. Thanks!
What an awesome video to show the value of us men building our self-esteem and confidence in ourselves! What a beautiful way to show the value of loving ourselves as the men we are. What a beautiful way to take a few minutes to admire our total bodies and to reflect. What a beautiful way to bring ourselves to climax through ejaculation expressing the power of self reflection through the mirror.
More solosexuality explorations like this, please!
So. Hot.
Diego Sans is a living wet dream!
Wow, this was beautifully done. Thank you!
I loved seeing all those hands come in. What a great way to visualize and literally bring to life sexual thoughts or desires
beautiful experience...great intro to my first video......will surely want repeats on that guy!
Davey... oh Davey would you please listen? There is no way to write you directly to give feedback so I have to give it here. I have been a paid member for many months, several times. I LOVE the videos... the choreography, the lighting, the sensuality. Other people have commented the same but you continue to insist... plainly said, your voiceovers absolutely KILL the vibe. You are an amazing guy and I so admire what you are doing but you need to let someone else with a more masculine and seductive voice do the narration. You create a delicious product. But that doesn't mean you have to do everything. Please please please have someone else narrate. I say this in respectful sincerity.
Davey Wavey
Haha... I'm sorry that you feel that way. Some people like the voiceovers, it is worth noting. However, most of our newly filmed videos are voiceover-free. It's just that some of our newly released videos were still filmed when we were doing more voiceovers. So, hang in there :)
Davey haha isn't funny. I was being honest. I've been a paid member and believer in you since the beginning- from concept to production. I know this is your baby but that doesn't mean you have to be a part of every single aspect, that was my point. I am sure some people like the voiceovers... but there are far more guys that have posted the same comments as I did. Again, let's forget about you for a moment.. with all due respect... remember I am paying... so I, like others, will stick around as long as I find himeros compelling.
Davey Wavey
Yeah, I understand your feedback!
I also have an opinion about the voiceovers. I have been watching Davey Wavey on U-Tube for several years before I came to Himeros. The voiceover is a familiar voice. It is like hearing the voice of a friend. I respect other opinions, but I prefer to hear a voice I recognize.
Davey Wavey
Aw, that's very sweet. Thank you for that!
He is perfect.
make diego sans to cum more..he comes like a fountain of pure milk!
Diego is a “god made man.” What a body! Every aspect of his body is a turn on. Gave me some new insights that’s for sure! And the cum shot: too bad that man milk went to waste. A++
I in-joy the voice overs. they move it away from pure porn to something much more meaningful. a both and of sexuality and spirituality.
For those people that comment about Davey's voice I'm sure there's lots of us that agree that his voice is just fine. I find it kind of soothing. Thank you, Davey!
Davey Wavey
Aw, thank you!
I enjoyed this video and felt a connection with this man, heart to heart. I wish it could have been in the flesh but it was still a gift to me.

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