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Diego Sans: The Bath

Added: December 10, 2018 | Runtime: 11:32 | 21,088 views

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Do you know what you look like when you’re aroused?

It might sound like a funny question, but most people have never seen themselves while infused with sexual energy.

They are afraid they’ll look silly, or gross or their uncomfortable seeing themselves sexy - much less naked in front of a mirror.

Self-pleasuring in front of a mirror can be more empowering than you imagine. It’s not about your shape or size or age or speed or skill level. It’s about seeing yourself as a Sexual Being. It’s about allowing your whole body to express and move the hot and sexy feelings that, all too often, are shut down for fear that someone might see us.

Judgmental critics would say this kind of activity is too self-indulgent or narcissistic. Quite the contrary! We often learn the most from observing, especially when you observe yourself. Let your sexual energy envelop every part of your body. Let your imagination fuel your excitement. Let it build and reinforce your sex-esteem. Experiment with what it looks like to not care what others think and release your sexual power.

Let your sexual energy expand beyond your skin. See your sexiness in the mirror and all around the room. You are a Sexual Being and there’s no need to hide the beauty and hotness of who you are…

Featuring Men.com exclusive Diego Sans. Video concept developed by Dr. Jallen Rix: http://doctorrix.com/

Recent Comments:
More of him please!
To touch and love all parts of our bodies, awakening all of our senses as wonderful foreplay to taking cock in hand on our journey to ecstasy....
Who is he!?!? He is SO hot!! 😛🤤
Davey Wavey
Diego Sans :)
I just watched this again--so homoerotic an idea to give unconditional acceptance to all parts of our body as foreplay to the stroking of our cocks. In deep inner communication our wellspring of sacred nectars erupts in the splendor of orgasm, followed by a restful aftermath of self love....
When I think about you, I touch myself! I almost bust a nut when I saw him play with his feet. I loved seeing his scrotum bounce up and down as he stroked his erect shaft! Now it's time to touch and pleasure myself.
Diego Sans naked in a bath, slowly, sensually, completely pleasuring himself. What more do you need? 😉😍🤪
Diego Sans is officially the sexiest man I have EVER seen in my life. Period. He taps a place of infinite primal desire in me that defies description or explanation. I can only smile, shake my head, and try to remember to breathe...
Amazing! Erotic! Gorgeous!
WOW!one of the most erotic and sexy videos! Diego Sans pours sex through every pore of his body! Make him show more intimately his ass, the entry and his beautiful uncut dick!
I have an erotic attraction to Jesus. Of all the models here, Diego most reminds me of how I think of Jesus looking. His beard, his long hair, his eyes. This film is so beautiful.
Very nice. Quite lovely.
Diego is a gorgeous man. Love his black hair mane
No one can ever-say: That Himeros isn't. "Isn't." All that we were promised. Hotter-than-hot - great members here that are guides - one incredible (and insightful) post after another. Selflessness. "Men Loving Men," what a concept. Holding another man. Sexually.
This video is unbelievably simple, yet powerful and so so sexy. A series of these with different models would be amazing -- maybe some not as stereotypically beautiful -- not bc he isnt deserving of unconditional love OR gorgeous to look at but the message could be even more powerful with a variety of men.
This man is beautiful. I accept my own body too
The most beautiful man on the planet. And funny too. Swoon.

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