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Desire On Demand

Added: April 8, 2019 | Runtime: 16:25 | 6,455 views

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What have you been longing for? We often keep a wall of secrecy around some of our deepest longings. We are in constant evolution about what sex means to us, both personally and collectively. We may hide, even for a lifetime. What would it be like to step into our desires fully and ask fearlessly for what we have been missing? Not even the biggest dick can, by itself, fill our longings to be fully expressed and love ourselves.

This video featured Remy Cruze and Dalton Briggs. The concept was created by Finn Deerhart.

Recent Comments:
But nobody got hard ...
Davey Wavey
Erections come and go in sex. I've been with plenty of guys who don't get hard. And I've been with guys that I totally enjoy, and still don't get hard. Traditional porn gives us unrealistic expectations about boners. There is a lot you can do with a flacid cock.
I enjoyed the concept and video but the production values on my IPad were not up to your usual standards — some choppy transitions and static. Nice to hear Finn’s voice. Keep up the great work!
Davey Wavey
Hey Norm, I'm glad you noticed the choppy transitions and static. That was actually intentional! We tried to film this like it was done using actual film in the style of 1970s porn.
Davey you're so right about erections coming and going. It is the journey and the mutual expression of affection that counts. Intimacy takes a variety of forms and most of it occurs in our minds.
Awesome! The dom did just as he was asked. Two beautiful men doing their sexy!
I've noticed almost no one gets hard in most of these videos, or at least not for long. I get that erections come and go during sex, but when it's such a constant among the videos here, it makes me wonder how much anyone is actually enjoying themselves.
wise words, WD, sadly most commercial porn gives us false expectations............
Hey Davey! I just have to say that I love that you're featuring/centering men of color as fully realized, erotic beings in your videos. As a black man, rarely have I felt truly represented in a lot of erotic imagery and storytelling that I see. You guys are doing a great job at presenting men of color as whole and as deserving of being desired. I loved that this actor was able to be sexy and vulnerable. He didn't have to be the BBC, or a "thug" ,or DL as we see in so many other videos featuring black men. He was a fully realized human that was the object of someone's desire in a healthy, non-fetishized way. Thanks for being mindful about recreating the erotic narratives that we believe in.
I’m mad I didn’t join sooner...Love this site!
Love the site's new format. Especially the MODEL section. Keep up the good work.
The Librarian
Nicely done, and I greatly appreciate the inclusive casting of body types and ethnicities. I also appreciate the reality of sexuality that is portrayed (as opposed to the format-sex in most other porn). But I feel compelled to ask the same question that "Briefs" raised (above). ARE the men enjoying themselves?
Erections do not have anything to do with how much someone is enjoying themselves or how turned on they are. Masturbating and frot while soft or half hard can be even more pleasurable than when fully hard.
I'm not into the interracial thing but I did watch this, just to see what it was all about. I confess I didn't really like it, mainly because I could not see any chemistry between these 2 men. I think Dalton Briggs is really hot and has done some great secenes with other white men. I guess the one thing I liked was that Dalton was on top, and that's always nice to see. Just my opinion!

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