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Light Me Up

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Added 02/11/2019

Categories: Anal Pleasure Art Hunks Oral Self-Pleasure

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Watch Davey and friends discuss Light Me Up on Himeros LIVE, our weekly podcast.

Discover why we created Light Me Up on the Himeros.tv blog.

Sex is art.

And that's especially true when it's gay.

It has been said that "art, in its broadest sense, is a form of communication. It means whatever the artist intends it to mean, and this meaning is shaped by the materials, techniques, and forms it makes use of, as well as the ideas and feelings it creates in its viewers. Art is an act of expressing feelings, thoughts, and observations."

In today's video, Pierce Paris and Remy Cruze your their bodies, light, darkness and sexuality to communicate something powerful about the sex we crave.

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