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Bound To Be Nurtured

Added: November 18, 2019 | Runtime: 08:29 | 9,982 views

There is tremendous freedom in letting go. However, this video is in contrast to the typical view of bondage. In this video, the bottom lets himself go while being completely cared for, rather than experiencing deprivation or even pain. The tops are loving, nourishing, arousing and committed to making the experience fun for everyone.

This concept is developed by Brad Amberheart.

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Recent Comments:
Hot to see three hunks enjoying themselves so much. The double penetration and Adam's cumming inside Max was amazing. More please!
Davey Wavey
This is our first internal cum shot! It's always felt strange to me that guys pull out during porn. I suppose it's because everyone enjoys seeing the load, so they show the camera. But during real sex, there's no camera to impress - and Adam got lost in the heat of this moment. I think it's delicious!
Five Star Boner Rating! This was one of the best ever produced videos. I loved the threesome enjoying themselves going from playful bondage to complete pleasurable sexual freedom. I loved the double penetration and Adam's shooting his load inside of Max to provide complete pleasure as it sealed their connection of trust with one another without feeling Adam had to pull out. I just loved seeing three men being able to be completely themselves in enjoying sex as it is meant to be experienced by men. No reason to hold back - any more. I hope we will see more of this in the future. This was BEAUTIFUL!
Davey Wavey
So glad you liked it! As I mentioned in a previous comment, I was nervous about uploading it but I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!
wayne martin
Very exciting. I wanna try it. Wow!!
This is one of the most absolutely awesome videos Himeros has ever produced. I really enjoyed seeing three men enjoying complete freedom of their sexuality after a tantalizing bondage intended to stimulate pleasure. The highlight to me was seeing the bonding of three buddies with double penetration with internal climax to complete their beautiful relationship of total trust and the enjoyment they had with one another as there was no pulling out. Such a beautiful scene of three men enjoying complete liberation of having sex.
Fantastic! After “experiencing” the climax with them, the closeup images of them kissing each other felt so erotic for me. Gratitude!
So hot. I love how he just lost control and came inside. It always seems so unnatural that they have to pull out. Thank you for showing this.
One of the top hottest videos I have seen. So sensual in its pure honesty. Thank your for sharing this. I saw your video asking about coming inside. My vote is that this is VERY beautiful and needed to be shared. Thank you. Huggz
Brad Amberheart
I'm so glad you guys liked this video! I was just looking to see what relatively new releases were out, and realized I hadn't watched this video since right after we made it near Joshua Tree in September 2018. The video was filmed as part of the first 4-day Tantric retreat Himeros had ever done, and I had the delightful job of coaching this group of men in how to bring Tantric-erotic practices to a porn set. Being there in such a beautiful setting, with conscientious, kind-hearted men was such a sweet, rich, and moving experience that I'll never forget it. It genuinely thrills me to read the comments and recognize how much it has meant to viewers to see hot men FUCKING who also are authentically connecting and enjoying themselves...and yeah...a double penetration, with a big cum shot inside of a wonderful, ecstatic body...YES! This was SUCH a beautiful, evolutionary video! Yum.
Fantastique! Internal blasts are deeply ecstatic and double. Yeow. Just back from a long hiatus -- too long. As a longtime ecstatic, seen teens, more please, and more. Happy New Year!
Heard about this episode today on podcast and made a bee line right here. OMG LIFE
Mmmm....bareback internal cumshot... major turn-on!! We need more of these!
As someone who is into bondage thank you for showing how much fun it can be.

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