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Your Beautiful Filthy Self

Added: March 1, 2021 | Runtime: 10:09 | 11,282 views

In filming this video, we asked the models: “What sexual fantasies do you have that you would be embarrassed or even afraid to tell anyone? Go ahead... let yourself go, and dare to say it!”

This video was based on one such revelation, bringing to life a real and hot fantasy about which shame and embarrassment was previously felt. The audience, in turn, will be reminded that all of us - even men who have sex on camera for a living - are still learning to love all parts of ourselves... especially the kinky, nasty, unspoken ones.

Video concept by Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com

Recent Comments:
Your videos are so real life you don't feel like you are watching a movie. It is like watching a real couple waking up and having sex. Kayden and Kris played the part perfectly. I probably would have known it the minute he started sucking me but I would pretend to be asleep to keep the fantasy going. I know these are actors and they have to do what makes them comfortable but for me the scene would have been better without the condom. I mean they portrayed being partners, but no big deal at all. It was a hot video and the lighting was cool. Since this was all about a fantasy for Kris, who came, it appeared Kayden had completed the fantasy for Kris and he did not cum, at least that is the way it appeared. This was a super hot video
I SO wish some of your directors would take a cue from directors on other erotic sites and shed more light on their shoots. This video, while hot, is unnecessarily dark. So much of porn's allure is visual. Let us SEE details. Please and thank you.
Davey Wavey
I hear you! To be fair, this video was shot two years ago - before we received feedback about the videos being too dark. However, I'd also say there is a nice balance to be struck. In a lot of traditional porn, there is so much lighting that it looks like a stage. For me, the ideal mix is just enough light and shadows for a video to look natural - which is the balance we've gotten better at striking in recent shoots.
This was beautiful. I honestly feel the lighting made the whole thing- there's infinite videos out there that make it their entire goal to "show everything" and totally fail to evoke a moment and a feeling. The lighting in this totally captures that lovely moment of waking up with your partner and enjoying each other. It feels very genuine and honest and I love it, never stop doing what you're doing. :)
Beautifully photographed idyll.
Though I understand folks talk about darkness, for me it really works. I enjoy the dark, feels like I'm right there with them, in the room. Makes it sexier to me, more engaging. If I miss a thing or two even that feels more real as well. Part of what I like about this site/theory about porn is that not everything should be perfect because real life isn't perfect. I kind of enjoy that here.....less of a plastic-y feel to it. Just real men getting naked and being sexual in whatever way that scene asks for. I'm really enjoying the nuance in this film-making. But that's just me.
I truly enjoy watching true love making between to men that love each other. The actors obviously have great chemistry with each other. Keep creating more videos like this! It’s real and sets a great example how to make love with your partner. Truly beautiful! Sonny
Beautiful just the way it was filmed. The men are also beautiful, and it reminded me of being that age and waking up with my boyfriend. I really loved being able to see the man's face and his body as he orgasmed. It was truly beautiful.
The title is a misnomer; there’s nothing filthy about this at all. How natural. How beautiful. How subtle. As someone who prefers awakening to sunrise sex, I’ll be returning to the piece repeatedly. Bravo, Brad and Davey!
How homoerotic to be awakened from sleep sexually by your lover!
Sensational piece, great models, great and very real hotness - you can't get enough. You can't take your eyes off of it. You don't want him to cum. You never want it to stop. Unless it's your taking-over. And When He Gets Close.
I'd say TERRIFIC ACTORS but I don't believe they're acting. They're conveying the excitement when a man drops all pretension. All illusion. Glances down at another man's zipper. Thinks about following that anon into the restaurant. Learns (orally) all he can on his own. About oral sex. Pleasing a man. Nothing else. Only pleasing a man. Servicing him.
Davey, another winner. It bought back fond memories waking up with my BF and having morning sex, which is the BEST.
Love the video!
I totally enjoyed this! Thank you Davey for the reality of two men in love and being totally vulnerable to each other!

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