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Play Party

Added: May 13, 2019 | Runtime: 14:44 | 33,240 views

After four days of filming during our "Tantric Retreat for Porn Stars", the guys participated in a play party.

Conscious play parties generally are held together by a container of “fearless asking,” in which everyone present feels completely empowered to dare to ask for what they really want, in each present moment, and receive an authentic “hell yes” or an answer such as “no, let’s try something else instead”. In this video, the guys explore their authentic desires in for all of us to enjoy.

Concept inspired by Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com

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Recent Comments:
Any video graced by the stunning Calvin is certain to be wonderfully arousing, beautiful, and sensuous.
Hot, sexy, beautiful video. The same for the men. I would love to have heard a bit of the requests.
These men do such a wonderful job of representing the joyful and satisfying communion that sex can be. What a wonderful capturing of these mens beauty and passion.
Hot combination of men and activities, specially sucking and bottoming while in bondage
This video was one of the hottest I have seen. Very sensual and a lot going on.
I loved how much fun the models seem to be having during this video. You always hear in interviews that the gay models are in this business because they love what they do. This is the first time I really believed it. Their enjoyment made the video even hotter for me. Great job.
wayne martin
I must congratulate Brad Amberheart for his creative imagination. That's the stuff! This video was a true pleasure to watch. OMG! It is very hot! Thank you to Brad and all those incredible hunks. I'm in love with Max Adonis. Be still, my heart. Yum!
Gawd that looked like fun. After the retreat it seems natural for the guys to have some group fun ... and they sure did All four could be “gods among men.” Very enjoyable and cumderful.
OMG I so edged to this. Fuck
So hot sensual sexy and fun. These are all my favourites together...the best!
I don’t know how often I have watched this video, but with Calvin and Max, two of my all time favorites, along with Alex and Adam, I can watch this again, and again, and again, see something new, and get off even better than before. Thank you Davey and Brad.

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