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I Am Alone. I Am In Love.

Added: May 4, 2020 | Runtime: 11:02 | 4,915 views

It's a cold, snowy day in Amsterdam. A man stands alone at a window observing the winter landscape. It is barren and still.

Through a gentle narration, poetic words caress this man's body like a lover. He tell us: 

"This body is my home. My body and I have worked at being friends since the day I was born. It has taken a long time to fully come to love me for all that I am and all that I’m not. I’m happy to say that today, even when the world outside might look dead or frozen, I feel completely content, warm, and at home in myself."

"I love this body. I love being alive in it... I have everything I need, here, now."

This man is in love with life, this powerful moment, and - most importantly - himself. He is at peace.

Noticing movement in the glass, a lover is manifested in the window's reflection. Indeed, our lovers are always reflections of our relationship with ourselves. The film seems to tell us that that this new lover appeared because the man first loved himself. Instead of coming from a place of desperation or pain, this man passionately made love to his own body first - until a new lover appeared to reflect that reality. 

Through pleasure and fun, these two lovers - these two reflections - merge into one. And it's beautiful to watch.

Video concept by Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com

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Recent Comments:
Another great video...even more so for the body positive message. I have never met anyone that doesn't have some sort of body issues, myself included. Some I have embraced and some I continue to work on accepting. I think we would all be a lot more free, with ourselves and from our judgements if we could learn to love ourselves completely. This video is a helpful step in the right direction! Thanks.
Davey Wavey
We filmed this video long before quarantine, but the words take on new meaning to me. "I have everything I need, here, now" will be my new mantra.
Ahhhhhhhh - very Tantra and spot on. A beautifully inspired video!
A lovely video. Great camera work and two beautiful players. The gentle loving sensuality and pleasuring is nice.
This one really struck a chord with me, perhaps of my draw and strong sensuous desires towards interracial sex. But more importantly the flipflop encounter was so hot regardless of the role that is rarely portrayed on film. Please more of this!
Davey Wavey
Yes, a good flip film is exciting. It's fun to experience sex roles that aren't overly fixed. Glad you enjoyed it!
I love the flip from black-on-white to white-on-black. Versatility has its advantages!
Delicious. Thank you for portraying versatility. Another superb video, DW!
Thanks for including condoms as part of the sex. Make condoms sexy.
This is really really really beautiful!
I enjoyed watching these two beautiful men sharing the experience! It was wonderful!

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