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In The Closet

Added: October 8, 2018 | Runtime: 13:24

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As we first began to notice that we were attracted to men, many of us had to hide that desire from everyone in our outside worlds. We lived in secret compartments and acted underneath a hush of deep fear. Coming out of the closet, no matter how easy or difficult, occurs in stages, layers, like breath. So much of our formative sexual experiences were secrets, stealing little pieces of our truths whenever we could scavenge them, and hoarding them within our private minds, we suffered under the weight of shame. We got really good at being sneaky—casting a stealthy sideways glance in a locker room or sauna, spying on our brothers or friends, interpreting silent “welcome” signals in public restrooms, covering our tracks, often longing for connection amidst a teeming social network that could not celebrate our truths with us.

When we live in the closet, we learn to keep our desires hidden, sometimes even from our own selves. We might have sculpted a sexual appetite for anonymity, for games that express how it felt to spy and keep secrets. Owning our desires to be secretive and practicing them in a healing way can really turn us on and result in explosively hot sex. It can be so exciting to imagine our boyfriends getting fucked by other men. We may fantasize about being cheated on. We might enjoy the shock of our partners’ secret longings. Cuckold fantasies and scenes are increasingly circulating in queer communities. As, together, we heal and open, we claim pleasure in celebrating the individual and collective paths we have taken in order to come out into the open. Since we have always been on the margins of culture, as a whole, we are also expressive our sexual shadows in dynamic ways!

It’s fun to spy! This scene can be a really fun role play with boyfriends, fuck buddies, partners, or even in the privacy of your own minds as we self-pleasure! When we consciously engage with these parts of ourselves and our personal stories, we can have fun in a way that respects the boundaries and wishes of everyone involved.

This video features Logan Cross, Cade Maddox and Men.com exclusive Diego Sans. The concept was created by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
What a super erotic look at a fantasy situation. Very well shot & Diego is always a pleasure to watch. Logan & Cade really add to the heat of this film. A handful approved!
Wow. In the closet, indeed! Wonderful fantasy played out enticingly by three gorgeous guys. Enjoyed wondering if both guys on display were blissfully unaware or blissfully aware of the masturbating spy in the closet. Love the playing out of the exhibitionistic fantasies in front of the mirror, and of full-on ass rimming, cock sucking and fucking while watched by a half-hidden hairy self-pleasuring partner. The arousal of the voyeur mirrors the appreciative watchers of this video, like myself.
Great concept and wonderfully super erotic men -- hot filming, and glad for the length. Natural to stroke like Diego while watching. May be the best on the site. Hope this is the standard for videos to come!
Amazing video, very erotic and masterfully created and executed. Only 2 things would have made it better...actual sounds from the encounter, and experiencing the orgasmic joy of all 3 participants. Beautiful...simply beautiful!
Manly love is sacred--whether making man-to-man love or making love to oneself....
So erotic. Hot; made me boil.
Most every topic I wish you would cover, you cover. Body image fears, trying to find confidence, coming out of the closet; it's amazing that "instructional" videos can also be so completely erotic. Still waiting for the one that would help me be able to not look like a total ignoramus for when I have the guts to finally hook up.
The eroticism is helped no end by the low-level natural lighting, the occasional soft-focus photography and in particular the slow-motion moments. To see a big cock being slowly sucked balls-deep in extreme close-up is as erotic as it gets and so is the slo-mo cum-shot at the end. More like this one please!
Davey Wavey
Yes! I think it's one of the hottest videos we've ever posted!
it would be hotter if i could hear them, great film though