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Journeys - Episode Four

Added: August 26, 2019 | Runtime: 15:20 | 24,197 views

Episode four of our four-part series titled "Journeys". Written and directed by Matthew Lynn and produced by Davey Wavey, this series explores loss through the five stages of grief.

Production Sound – Matt Kendrick

Camera Assistant – Austin James

Post Sound Supervisor – Noelle DiMarco

Original Score by – Bridge the Divide Media

Production Assistant – Chad Remy

Production Assistant – Nicolas Wilson

Sex & Intimacy Coach – Finn Deerheart

Jason – Calvin Banks

Alex – Chris Harder

Billy – Ray Dexter

Ben – Will Tantra

Mysterious Man – Markus Kage

Couple in Window – Windom Gold & Andre Donovan

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Recent Comments:
So beautiful... (and possibly the most delicious head job I’ve ever seen)
Wow! Poetry...truth. So not porn, yet highly erotic. Words to live by. Thanks!
This final of the series was more like watching a well written movie. It was so warm and compassionate. When it ended I was left with a feeling like from a scene in a dramatic movie. The older guy was so caring and thoughtful to share his experience from his past with the younger guy. I felt warm all over from his caring, nurturing nature to help him get past the hurt and loneliness of loosing someone. This was written and acted to perfection. It just felt real. I would hope there are some instances in real life that could be like this.
Wow! Fantastic. I don’t have any words. Great work guys!
I am shedding tears. I avoided watching this series for a few weeks now, having lost my husband of 3 years and lover for 25 13 months ago. I found the story important and real. All four episodes where part of the overall truth of living with the pain and regret. There will be more to my own story as I move forward, getting up every morning and putting one foot in front of another. My disappointments are: Not having any professional mental health councilor being brought into the main character’s story to give a wider, and many times more marginalized, audience permission to seek that help out. That there is no portrayal of someone compassionately offering to an older man who goes through such an experience, of which there would be statistically more, the same opportunity to heal. I want to give a special thanks to all those who are working behind the scenes to make these videos. Just know that we understand that the ideas don’t come to life if you fail to do what you do so well. Some of us know the hard work that is required, and done, in a way that we don’t notice or see it. Thank you! Now, back to my own world and my own healing process.
Davey Wavey
Thanks for sharing your sweet words, feedback and your experience. Yes, it would have been interesting to introduce a mental health professional into the story line... We probably could have done 8 episodes or more! I'm glad you appreciated the series.
Can't thank you enough Davey and Finn for putting Journey together in such a great format. Its rare to find something that is other than just sex scenes with no story line content. Finn you did a great job, and should be very happy with yourself. Heard your podcast today on Episode 4. Bring me more great content.
Davey Wavey
Can't wait to share more exciting projects with you down the road! XO
Such a gorgeous end to an amazing series. I loved the mentorship presented in this episode and how it showcased the power of love and connectedness to help heal.
Davey Wavey
So glad you liked it! XO
Want to see more of Will Tantra, that was so hot.
Davey Wavey
Oh, you will. :)
Christ, that is one of the sexiest scenes I have ever seen.
Brad Amberheart
I don't know much about acting...but this looks like such great acting, I can hardly tell anyone was acting! I've worked with Himeros for a couple of years, but I wasn't there for this shoot. Instead, I witnessed from a distance, sent my friends Davey and Will, Finn, Calvin, Matt Lynn, and others I hadn't met yet lots of love, and awaited the amazing results. "Journeys" appears to be the first Himeros experiment of telling a STORY, full of the full spectrum of human emotions--from deep grief to sexual ecstasy. I'm really touched by what the Himeros team are continuing to create. Matthew Lynn wrote and directed this work of art! Damn! What a masterpiece! Congratulations to Will and Calvin for expertise in front of a camera, and to sex and intimacy coach Finn Deerhart for helping to infuse this beautiful work of art with an ever-growing spirit of sweet, hot man-to-man intimacy. I feel that this video is one of the most accurate and real depictions of Sacred Intimacy I have found anywhere in the world to date. Matt, Will, Davey and I also worked with a group of men to create more deeply intimate, impactful videos last week. More to come! YEAH! I feel so very grateful. Yum-Yum!
Davey Wavey
Thanks, Brad! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. And thank you for the kind words. Journeys was certainly a unique project for us, and one of our first experiments with storytelling. There will be... more to come! XO
After finishing this series, I must comment/compliment! Kudos for an excellent story line told very well! The acting and production and top quality. As a connoisseur of porn, Himeros truly is better, thanks!
Davey Wavey
Thank you!
As a counselor for over 40 years I don't know how many folks who have been my "clients" trying to overcome the loss of a partner ... straight or gay. For some it takes years. Others never get over it. Calvin Banks's character deals with it as well as any gay man that I've ever dealt with can handle it. KUDOS to you for broaching this subject and treating it so very, very well! Thank you, Davey, and company! Each gay counselor and gay oriented church should have this series to help their clients / members.
Davey Wavey
Thank you!
Patrick Williams
I love this video. Thank you for bringing real life to the gay masses.
Thank you to everyone involved in the making of this video, I found it beautiful, moving and sexy. As a disabled gay man it has given me the hope that I can look forward to some intimate loving in the future.
Great sex is not matter of style or technique, but of how much those involved can give themselves unreservedly, open-heartedly. If ever I saw a movie about men doing that, this one captures it beautifully.
Love the video Getting to eat Calvin Banks jizz -life goals
Might you consider all four episodes of this (and Journeys 2), into a single-combined longer film? Maybe for a midweek bonus release. They'd work really well together as a mini-feature.
Absolutely beautiful. My husband died 7 years ago and this brought back so many memories. It is so accurate in the return to sex after death of a loved one. I thank Ed for giving me that.
Having lost my husband of 12 years not too long ago (4 months), this last episode tugs on a lot of my heartstrings. Grief is a cruel feeling, so keeping one foot in front of another is what I have been doing so far. So many jewels of wisdom in this scene for me. Thank you for this.

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