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Cum, Lover

Added: September 23, 2019 | Runtime: 12:14 | 8,267 views

A young man is feeling alone and isolated after experiencing rejection. Frustrated, he discards his phone and falls asleep. During his dreams, he's visited by his older self; the young man's older self speaks words of wisdom and guidance. After receiving these words, the young man is awaken by piano music. He follows the sound of the piano and a juicy sexual encounter unfolds.

Video concept by Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com

Music by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

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Recent Comments:
Davey Wavey
Mr. X
Disappointed, while I appreciate the older man in bed with younger and the foreplay on the piano. There is no sucking or ass fucking. It is too much like a soft rated "R" film on HBO.
Davey Wavey
Yes, I understand. I was also hoping for more action between the younger and older model - but there wasn't the right chemistry and we didn't want to force it. However, I hope you enjoyed the hot sex between Kayden and Kris.
Patrick G
That was BEAUTIFUL!! The premise that loving yourself can help you find incredible lovers isn't new, but it is profound. Thanks for this video. I really needed it.
Davey Wavey
I'm so glad that it was exactly what you needed!
Beautifully done and most touching and true.
Davey Wavey
Thank you! Glad you love it.
I have to agree with Mr.X, i was let down.I thought there would more action,hence the title cum, lover.I like a lot of other videos,but this was a let down.
Very well done. Sexy, thought provoking, and affirming of the importance of knowing your value
Yes, self-love is integral to loving others. This morning I've been edging and will now make love to my husband....
Don’t we all wish we could get advise from our older selves? Great scene!
wayne martin
I thought it was hot. The ass play was great and turned me on. I shot a huge load while watching. Thanks for posting. Yum!
The oral/anal and the anal sextoy scenes were quite nice.
Brad Amberheart
OK...so I was on the set in Amsterdam for the filming of this video, and I must say...it turned out even far more beautifully than I could have imagined. It was filmed at the end of a long day--the end of 3 days in a row of filming as I recall. I remember everybody was hungry and tired, and Indian/Chinese take-out was on the way, but we had no other choice than to film this groundbreaking video JUST as we WERE. Kayden and Kris did such a beautiful job, right down to Kayden's playing the piano with his DICK, just to lighten up the mood, along with Kris's beautiful expression in his body and his face...and I'm in tears at the powerful role our friend Norm Self has played, yet again, in reminding the younger generation to hang in there, because there's a LOT to look forward to as we grow older. Beautiful video. I've said a lot, but how could I not? The concept behind this video came to me while I dreamed with a lover in bed one year ago this week, so I'm actually overjoyed to see this final result--a hot gay erotic video of heart-reaching proportions. Thank you.
I loved this. I’ve also been feeling rejected and isolated lately. I needed to hear the message of self-love - not just acceptance of self, but an erotic embrace of self. The top was fully immersed in the boy’s ass, there was joy expressed in the bouncing ballsack, and appreciative receiving of the boy’s cum. The message of hope at the end was also I needed to hear. Grateful.

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