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Hat Trick

Over and over again, men tell us that sex can become routine, predictable - and even boring. Today, we’re going to play a simple sex game to make things interesting.

Video concept by Jason Tantra: http://www.tantra4gaymen.com.

recent comments:



Great fun. Glad you are featuring Adam and his size cock.



Loved the nipple play. Let's have more of that.



Hot. Great concept.



love this one! what a fun, hot time!! makes me want to do it! I absolutely love that you have the guys in jockstraps and white Hanes... sooooo sexy!!! white briefs are the best!



Great show! Really great how varied and diverse Himeros models are in general-- and young Adam is a great addition: totally sexy, cute, attractive from his head to his tight balls, the tip of his sweet dick, and beyond-- keep him cumming!

Brad Amberheart


Hayyy! I'm in the middle of watching this video and just have to pause it to say FUCK YEAH! I'm very inspired--and touched--by this video. I mean...look at it! It feels incredibly real...so much that it feels like these guys were totally enjoying themselves and being so authentic that they never had to "act"...and yet clearly, they're all SO good on camera! Big congratulations to Jason Tantra for being able to pull off such a remarkable, realistic, fun, hot, and down-right sexy rendition of a game which is bound to inspire guys everywhere. Watching it, I begin to wonder...what have we been waiting for as a gay sex culture? It seems so easy...get together with several lovers and fuckbuddies, write your desires, pass the hat, and BAM! Fucking hot! I'm grateful to Davey for making it possible for this kind of never-before-seen connection among gay men to at last appear on film. Again, I wonder...why haven't I seen anything like this before? That statement in itself is super-exciting, and so I'm especially excited to be in the midst of generating ideas and concepts for our shoot in September. Look out! Yum-Yum. Brad

Brad Amberheart


By the way...I'm still not gone "ejaculating" with my gush of praises for this video. I agree with the other comments...having guys in jock straps (especially WHILE fucking a hot bottom) and in tighty whities throughout the whole video was an extra-special, fun touch. And I happen to know that Davey has a special affinity for guys in Hanes :-) What a brilliant and beautiful piece of hot gay erotica...Thank You!



My husband has a porn collection he has downloaded which requires a terabyte of disk. There’s nothing in his collection which is as sweet, real and hot as this fun foursome.



Loved seeing so much emphasis on a beautiful cock that wasn't "porn sized."



Incredibly hot - i'm definitely suggesting this game next group sesh. You should come over to the UK and do some shooting with Brits, esp non-professionals.



one sexy fucking video Thanks a Lot !!!



now i get it and will subscribe mothly !!!



I liked Adam’s varsity sweater too - and the great kissing and the nipple-play ...



the more i see the more i want to fuck the arse off that amazing boy !! not to mention lick his cute tight shit hole and suck him dry !!!



When we boys play--saying nice things, kissing, sucking, rimming, fucking, masturbating (all good)!



Please ask Adam Awbright to come back and do more videos! He's awesome.



What a fun video. If they were acting it sure didn’t look like it. Want to try this with if my friends at our next gathering. I also loved the attire. Really shot a big one at the end of it. Thank you, Davey, and all!



I just came watching this video 4 times in a row...

Davey Wavey


Is that a record?

Petris Sage


This was such a fun and inspiring video. I would love to have a group of friends to play like that with. Beautiful. This is my first full video to watch on Himeros. I'm glad I paid for an account to view it. I would have loved to see all four of the men play twister and eventually ejaculate. I'm looking forward to masturbating while watching the other videos here.



Adam Awbride and Calvin Banks are sheer magic.

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