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Brad Amberheart

Rev. Brad Amberheart is a sacred intimate and ceremonial leader whose primary life’s work is to create transformation and healing through the full, conscious embodiment of sexually ecstatic pleasure. He has worked with thousands of people worldwide—primarily men—since 1997 to help re-awaken pleasure as a source of clarity, vision, and health.

He founded the Moon Hearth Temple in Asheville, North Carolina in 2012 to serve as as a safe place for people of all genders to gather frequently for ecstatic erotic healing and expression. He has worked and studied for 15 years with renowned Tantra teacher Rudy Ballentine, while also frequenting the healing gatherings of native tribes in North America and Siberia. He facilitated ecstatic erotic healing ceremonies at the Hawaii Tantra Festival in 2016, 2017, and 2018, and collaborated with Himeros.tv in the creation of more than 50 educational erotic films for gay and bisexual men.

His simultaneous immersions in Tantra and Earth-Based native spiritual traditions—combined with 40 years of singing and guitar-picking alongside his Southern “Mamaw”—have resulted in the incorporation of magic, ritual, music, and prayer into virtually every aspect of his life’s path—most especially in his embodied path as a conduit of sexually ecstatic healing and renewal.

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