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Bonus: Spin The Bottle

Added: August 13, 2018 | Runtime: 06:37 | 16,791 views

Watch Davey and friends discuss Spin The Bottle on Himeros LIVE, our weekly podcast.

Discover why Davey created Spin The Bottle on the Himeros.tv blog.

In addition to this week's Himeros.tv video, enjoy this bonus!

Himeros.tv creator Davey Wavey partnered with tantric instructor Brad Amberheart on a series of videos that we filmed in Hawaii. These erotic videos, all of which were created exclusively for Himeros.tv - and many of which are already on this site - embody different aspects of tantra.

One such tantric principle is called spanda. It's about wild creativity and imagination. As such, we decided to create a spanda video - but leave the details unwritten until we reached Hawaii. We wanted the concept to develop organically and creatively.

One the last day of shooting, we filmed our spanda video. After much brainstorming, we decided to film a juicier version of the "spin the bottle" game that many of us played as teenagers.

For more information about Brad Amberheart, visit http://www.bradamberheart.com

Recent Comments:
While I actually do not know if it resulted from my earlier comment, I appreciate the fact that you put up a new and more exciting video and redesignated the spin the bottle as a bonus. Thank you. It would be cool if you did another spin the bottle that really was More juicy with skin, cock, and erotic connections. It would be a great opportunity for Davey to finally shed his clothes and show us his beautiful body which I know he is proud of. You have a great site. And the philosophy behind it is really terrific. And with many of the videos super hot, you can be hot and deep about sexuality. But others show less cock and have less sexy visuals than you could and videos are often too short. Please be more consistent with your strong messages about great sex AND have hot content. Thank you for your great work and for listening. more juwith skin and erotic connections. It will be a great opportunity forbeautiful body which I know he is proud of. Have a great site sometimes it does seem a little on the
Good to see you get personally involved Davey
I melted watching you kiss his toes! Beautiful!

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