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The Ecstasy of Letting Go

Added: August 28, 2023 | Runtime: 13:19 | 20,182 views

We can access a level of pleasure which no longer depends on our partner. It doesn’t matter how old we are, how large we are, how thin we are… sexual ecstasy is available to every person on Earth, and it’s actually already inside of our body - we just need to activate it.

You are the #1 person responsible for your sexual pleasure.

Himeros.tv brought together 7 men from diverse backgrounds to explore ecstatic sexuality under the guidance of Tantric sex coach Brad Amberheart in Hawaii. Witness how this group of men—who are coming together for the first time—are immediately able to access heightened states of Tantric-erotic ecstasy by using the potent tools of breath, body movement, and vocal release. Come learn along with us, and have a fucking good time doing it! You already know how to do this, and today’s the day to remember!

Concept by Brad Amberheart: https://bradamberheart.com

Recent Comments:
love that Jonah doesn’t hold back and vocalizes strongly could’ve used less “fuck”ing in the commentary
More of this please!
I like the premise, expand your horizons. But the fact these are paid performers loses a vital element for me. That would be seeing a committed, real couple in this scenario is the way to go. The moaning would be less over the top but realistic. The expressions of joy with connection more honest and couple specific. This for me was more instructional as opposed to eroticism
Hot frot!
Oldrreader's comment is very unfair to the amazing Himeros team and men who get filmed . While a "real committed couple" might well bring an authenticity, the couples participating in Himeros scenes regularly give us authenticity and extraordinary sexual experience. So often, i feel that the Himeros men are letting us share real & intimate moments in a relationship. The fact that they get paid after filming does not change or detract the reality they bring to screen. Would Oldrreader say a Broadway or other stage performance of a play written by someone else is cheapened or less authentic because they are paid. I say bravo to the Himeros team who show us authentic men relating sexually in wonderful ways. Bravo!! Bravo!! Bring us more like this.
Hello, beautiful guys! I’m so enjoying reading these comments. The great irony is that for this particular shoot in Hawaii, the models, by and large, were not professional models with a large following (with the exception ofJonah Wheeler). They received a monetary honorarium, but their genuine motivation in attending this retreat was to spend a week in Hawaii learning as many creative ways as possible to practice ecstatic sexual pleasure with a diverse group of men, under the guidance of a Tantric coach, and to delight you, their audience, by sharing their most vulnerable states with you on camera. This particular video, as I recall, was one of the first videos we filmed during their 5-day retreat devoted to deep, heartfelt expression and experimentation. I wrote this video concept to remind viewers that it’s possible to attain heightened states of sexual ecstasy, with a wide diversity of partners, mainly by learning to let go, move your body, make some noise, and trust that you can find immense erotic and sexual pleasure with any partner who is willing to surrender into a place of complete presence… with you! I feel that within the context of what I’ve just written, most would agree that these men did an exceptional job, and sharing their sexual inspiration with the world. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the video! If this video inspires you to try something new in any aspect of your love-making and sex play, then I know that we did a good job! Love and Heart, Brad Amberheart.
Interesting thoughts. No one has said this explicitly, so I will. I think (and I presume to think I'm speaking for many) we often come to sex, whether a real-life experience of our own or watching a video or reading an erotic story or book, with a set of presuppositions. One such presupposition is that heteronormative monogamy is the best and possibly the only real context for genuine affection and sexual satisfaction. That's not far from what I call the "partner test." Would this man I'm having sex with be one that I'd like to spend my life with? Another presupposition is what I call the "role test." I'm looking for a good, strong top; or, I want someone who enjoys having his cocked sucked as much as I like sucking cock. And so on. My sense is that all of that stuff is a way of edging us out of connecting with our deep selves and a way of forfeiting the moment for some imagined future or standard or ideal. I'm not arguing that any of that is unnatural. It's certainly common. But the issue, for me, is always to peel away the layers of supposition, experience, memory, hope, and simply be present. What might happen if, instead of fitting a sexual experience into a preconceived paradigm, I could look at this other being who's right now in my life, and see how much I might simply be present to him/them, pouring out my heart in touch and love, looking for nothing beyond a moment that can be filled with as much love as it can possibly hold? For me that would be truly letting go.
This was absolutely beautiful! Thank you! I truly enjoy Jonah’s work. You folks do an outstanding job presenting pleasure in the most fulfilling way!
I'm all about sounds and verbalizing what you like but sometimes I think there's a fine line between intimate and erotic sounds and yelling. I think and have thought in previous videos that if I was with Jonah that would almost freak me out and I would lose my erection and probably wouldn't see him again. But, Different Strokes for different folks, as they say.

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