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The Witness

Added: September 16, 2019 | Runtime: 09:21 | 3,118 views

This exercise is a way to practice creatively being in an assertive state and a submissive state. It relates to our desire for power—to hold power, to give it away, to share it, etc. We have been culturally influenced to give away our power to someone we perceive to be more beautiful, someone larger than we are, someone older than we are. Traditional porn emphasizes this type of power exchange. The man with the bigger cock gets to fuck. The “daddy” demands respect from the “son,” with or without earning it. We are used to giving away our power by being dominated by force—who can force the other into submission. This is actually only one version of masculine power.

In this exercise we explore submission to the sheer will of another man. For the one being witnessed, it is not the dominant man’s physical force that brings us into submission. Rather, it is our DESIRE to please, to be seen and to serve. For the one who is witnessing and “willing” the other to obey, it is a practice of asserting what he wants and holding a space of dominance that is irrespective of social status, body size, cock size, typical sex roles, etc. It is practicing speaking wishes into existence.

For the sub, any request that the witness makes, you are to comply, unless it violates a necessary internal boundary. Maintaining a truthful commitment to self makes submission that much more sweet, because it strengthens self-esteem to maintain boundaries. Otherwise, let go and be SEEN!

The game can really go anywhere, and that’s what’s so exciting about it. It automatically slows down the whole process of connection and lets the space of desire, of wanting, of power dynamics to emerge in an authentic way between both men.

This concept was developed by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

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Recent Comments:
Smoking hot! I especially like that Max told Tom he would make him wait for his load. That suggests much more hot interaction between them. Yum.
Stunning. Production values, especially the photography, are first rate. There is a sense of tactility that comes across -- the viewer feels the touches, pinches, licks, strokes.
Wow...sucked me right in and when he said he was going to make the sub wait for the load...I felt like the sub. But now I just need to see that load. Please sir!?
I can't help wondering how many years of yoga training and practice Tom Bentley has had to have developed that kind of flexibility.
Davey Wavey
I know! We were all stunned. Also, it took a few hours to film this video... and he was holding those incredible positions for five or ten minutes at a time. Very talented!
Absolutely love this but I need to see that load now so badly! Why are you so cruel!?
Davey Wavey
**evil laugh**
Brad Amberheart
This is so sexy, and so powerful...and so deeply moving, all at the same time. With the exception of the "Journeys" series which just aired, THIS is the first time I ever remember watching an erotic video that literally brought me to tears. The cinematography, combined with smoking-sexy guys, not to mention Max's super-sexy (and ultra-realistic) fuck talk was a combination of tenderness, nastiness, and overtly phenomenal aesthetics which I don't remember seeing anywhere else. This is better than porn--hot, exciting, enticing, and yeah...teasing...all while being stunningly gorgeous. Best of all, this one was one I had no direct part in creating, so I love just getting to click "play" and sit back, relax, and enjoy the fuck out of it all. BEAUTIFUL JOB, guys!
"Can I get a Witness"?
Davey Wavey
Super hot!!! The entire video I felt almost like a voyeur watching Max and Tom play this game in front of me. I love this deeper look at submission and dominance.
So homoerotic this dominance-submission scene!
Lovely light!
That totally drew me in! Awesome hotness!
Oh my Heavens! I've never seen anything as HOT as this. I'm aching to see them continue this exercise...or to do it myself.
OK, but why do subscribers have to wait for his load? Hope all the video exercises aren't going to be like this.
This is actual sex I’ve done this

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