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The Witness - Himeros LIVE

Added: September 20, 2019 | Runtime: 01:04:35 | 436 views
Davey Wavey and friends discuss the latest Himeros.tv video.
Recent Comments:
I listen to Himeros Live every week (usually while I'm cooking dinner), and it's always worth hearing, but this was one your best discussions ever. I'd like to add my enthusiastic support to the dick diversity movement. Those of us with average or smaller (me!) dicks love being represented in the videos, and I think it's important that other guys see us enjoying ourselves and giving pleasure to our partners. It could broaden some guys' standards of who they're willing to consider having sex with. Of course dick diversity is part of the whole body diversity issue, and I love videos like "Around the Fire" that show a diversity of ages and body types. A young friend of mine watched that video and said, "That's the kind of sex that I want to have." As you all discussed at the beginning of this podcast, there are so many different dimensions to sexual attraction. I had an experience many years ago that completely changed my concept of sexual attraction. It was an erotic workshop, and after everyone introduced themselves, we all put on blindfolds and got naked. We were instructed to walk around the room and touch and explore each others' bodies, but without getting too sexual yet, just keeping it sensual and affectionate. After everyone had a chance to circulate through the group, the facilitator invited us to make our touch sexier, but to limit our activity to mutual masturbation. Needless to say, having a roomful of dicks to play with was loads of fun. But after roaming around the room for a while, guys started settling into pairs or trios who really turned each other on. I ended up with a hot cock in each hand and two guys massaging my cock and balls just the way I liked. Pure ecstasy -- the closest to heaven I've ever been. After everyone had lots of time playing this way, the facilitator invited us to take off our blindfolds, and it was a revelation. I was having ecstatic sex with two guys I never would have looked at twice -- and that was the experience of most of the men in the room. That experience made me change my definition of physical attraction. What most people call physical attraction is actually VISUAL attraction -- and sight is the least physical of our senses. For me, physical attraction now means that I like the way this guy touches me, and I like the way he responds to my touch. That's as physical as it can get. When I meet someone new, it's often touch that tells me whether I want to spend more time with this guy, and touch has never led me astray. As you said, Davey, guys with big dicks (or sexy bodies, in my experience) are often mediocre lovers. But a guy whose touch makes me feel good is always worth getting more intimate with. Thanks for the opportunity to share, and thanks for the educational -- and fun! -- work you're doing.

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