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Stockholm Syndrome

Added: February 24, 2023 | Runtime: 10:52 | 43,541 views

Erotic fantasies represent a realm of human nature frequently characterized by regressive instincts and unresolved power struggles. We often fantasize about taboo experiences we may never wish to enact, imagining others in ways that feel misaligned with our personas that have been crafted to solidify social connections. Beneath all fantasies are core, universally experienced human feelings like worry, guilt, inferiority, helplessness, shame, and rejection. Our fantasies help us imagine the ideal conditions in which we might enjoy unbridled pleasure.

Many gay men grow up feeling unwanted, rejected and at risk for physical and emotional violence. Many of us have been personal targets of violent acts as well as hypersensitized to vicarious trauma across our shared communities. At the same time, a great many of us fantasize about forced sex, kidnapping, incest and sexual assaults in varying degrees. Often, we feel confronted by the awareness of these fantasies, and we don’t know how to harmonize them alongside our fights for justice, equality, and spiritual ascension. Yet, our fantasies themselves are amoral, symbolic maps to our unconscious wounding. In them, the fantasizer is in complete control of those circumstances that, in the material world, are uncontrollable, leaving us helpless in the face of our suffering. It is within fantasy that we are able to touch that dimension of human reality, bringing pleasure to the pain of our collective lives as human animals.

Those who enjoy exploring their sexual shadows may venture into these controversial role plays. For many, kidnap scenes are a kind of edge play, a dramatization of consensual non-consent. They are a particular category of D/s in which conquest and surrender deliver a particular domain of psychological fulfillment. For the sub, at the root of many kidnapping fantasies are longings to be so important, so desirable, so wanted, that the “aggressor” cannot help himself, cannot tolerate not having us–even to the point of forceful violence if necessary. For the Dom, there is power to be attained in delivering this experience. For those who play in this arena, the underlying healing context that emerges is one of closeness, union and desirability: qualities that we have been torn from us throughout history.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
I couldn't wait until Monday so I decided to release this a few days early :)
thank you thank you thank you for posting that early!!!! What a great start to the weekend! Alex Mecum is soooo amazing - a talented actor and hot porn star to boot - it's great to see him back. The video is a hot window into gritty taboo dark fantasy exploration ... the themes Finn wrote on above are played out masterfully. Very nicely done.
Davey Wavey
Yes! We filmed three other videos with Alex where he will be front and center... but this is a great tease to start!
thank you! what a nice early gift...hot!
Nice gift! And thanks for the early release too! Leo... mmmmm!
Soooo glad you released this one early! Hottest vid I’ve seen in a long time!! <3
Kudos once again to Finn for an insightful commentary putting this in perspective.
Hot scene but it really sucks that we don't get to see the guy's facial expressions when they're cumming- just the same dicks close ups.
So much fun and great setting up the intro and outro showing people how to set up this type of dialogue
My favorite. I love when the taboo is explored.
WOW! I'm still panting! That was staggering and there needs to more - NOW. Could have been a bit more fight at the beginning, and at stages of the rape, but my heart may not have kept beating properly (old hearts, you know 😉). Now it's taken anyway, by that blond mugger. Although, to think about it, I'm not certain I could take his arm like that (WHAT? That wasn't his arm? Whoosh!)
This is the first video I see here now that I've joined, and I love it!!! :) It's very liberating for me to see that there are humans who like to enjoy their more »taboo« interests together. In my opinion, nothing sexual is really taboo if it's consensual, safe and based on trusting communication and love. <3
kidnapped and group raped at 9, I broke out - 4 hours later covered in human fluids cum piss - and I was humiliated. Neighbourhood friend my age - pimped me out to older teen brother and his friends - all the in the 1 block radius. I came home and stinking sweating screaming in pain and crying - I was told I was a liar. My parents couldn't conceive of it. I decided to file it away. 1963. No reference point. And yes - this is what I would love to create. Not three but 1 guy. Unexpected it came up 3 more times as I tried to see how I really wanted to integrate this experience. 3 rapes? I needed to have a scenario where I had the choices - and boundaries - and all the surprise and resistance until I was surrendering to it in pleasure to show I could be part of the power not the abuse of power. But you picked my #1 fav actor to be THE FAUX RAPIST!? Man this is so far beyond my wildest imaginings that I can only say - watching it was a healing and a great ease to heart mind. And it was scary - and compelling and exciting. I totally loved this video. You really took my heart into your hands - and it was better than I could ever have imagined planning it myself. I don't know how to do it. It would need to be an escort - as I am over 60! BRAVO = brave actors. And stunning star top - I love this guy. He's got more than girth - he has hot erotic steamy vibes of a star adult performer that really rock my boots off! Thank you! I love you, Leo. #1 in my dreams! thanks for a vitality and rough job - done with confidence - and erotic energy - that turned my fears and doubts into a reality for healing. It frees my heart. Thank you all production people actors writer director, cinematographers - you really out did yourself. And I can't wait for more!
I would like to see a video where an older man is chased by a younger man who really knows what he wants and why. And he has decided this is his Daddy. A 28 to 37 year old stunning guy, with a 60 plus year old - who's disheartened and living outside the life he once had. The seduction and the chemistry would need to be clearly apart of the video. And it happens. It happens more than we ever know. Young men hurt by men their age - want the kindness - and have daddy issues - want to heal that rift in their psyche. I have had a 28 year old, sub a,t 55 a 34 year old Adonis at 48 - and now at 68 a 33 year old soulmate latino who's the most vibrant best life partner I have always dreamed of. And he contracted me - and chased me down - and I put up less fight and doubt - the third time around. It is a miracle we a gay men can have psycho sexual healing and relationship that heal our hearts minds and bodies - and are truly transcendent experiences. It's the vitality of life. Staying curious, Not aging out in our self perceptions as limited less than others value. It takes guts to age well. I am starting a soulmate journey and near 70 with a 33 year old - we found out we were finishing each others sentences on date 3. And he visits on work here regularly. But home base in the very city - I was hoping to immigrate to live in! Guadalajara Mexico where he owns a condo! Big latino large loving family - and it's all that I can do to just be present in the moment - and be so so grateful, alive and it gets better and better. The multigenerational age gap is a clique of special interest. But its a film that needs to be told with the right actors. Leo would be a perfect personality and age and charismatic partner if you were ever to cast it. I would love to be a free onset consultant. But if you ever film it - without me - just let me know!!! I would stream it until I age out of this meat sack!! I maynot be a Muscle Daddy but with a 32 inch waist - I know I am fighting aging with a weapon of hope and tenacity.

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