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Stable Hand

Added: November 13, 2023 | Runtime: 12:49 | 32,831 views

A "Horse Fair" is a conceptual sex party where attendees enter as either a stallion (top) or mare (bottom). Mares arrive early, check their clothes and are led to the “stable” after being blindfolded. Stallions then arrive and have their pick of available mares. There is a great deal of anonymity, role playing and strict rules to follow.

Though inspired by Horse Fairs, our scene is a bit softer - and infused with more playfulness. Our mare gets cleaned up for the stallion, and the stable hand helps when needed. It's also worth nothing that Oliver Marks and Carter Collins are real life boyfriends, which adds another layer of enjoyment to the scene.

This is the first scene from our "Dirty Filthy Animals" shoot which features a dozen scenes inspired by the animal kingdom. Dirty Filthy Animals is a playful but sexy exploration of our naughty side, and adds new dimensions to express our sexuality. It's not meant to be taken literally, but instead as a roadmap for personal exploration, discovery and a bit of humor.

Video concept by Jason Tantra: http://www.tantra4gaymen.com.

Recent Comments:
The preview scene, got my bone to grow! Looking forward to the full picture. :-)
Lots of fun!
At first I was no sure but then I got into it and enjoyed beating off watching the stallion fuck the mare
That was fucken HOT! Open minded sex can be so much fun. Love watching that Stallion fuck and fill up that Mare!
I was surprised by how much I got into this scene. I thought it was very well cast. I enjoyed the role play but even more I loved how the stable hand stayed in total control over the other two, undressing them, sucking the one to get him ready and fingering the other to open him up and then instructing them on what to do. How he was so wonderfully verbal and the other two never spoke. I'd love to see this dynamic played out in other situations.
Assuming the casting calls went something like this… “And you’re interested in bottoming at Himeros?” “Yeah” “Ok, I’m going to need to hear you neigh like a horse.” “What?” “Neigh for me. Neigh like a horny, horny horse” But it also is a really hot video.
I am so pleased to see this "cum" to life .... what was an inspiration on a laptop, a meditation, am exploration, I am DELIGHTED to see this literally "cum to life". OMG!!! when we shot this the models were just awesome, up for it, trusting, and ready to play, and in just watching this they SO delivered. Amazing Crew to film and Davey, thanks so so much for your support and trust. LOVE this clip, thank you all so much, one of my favourite all time clips, Love Jason Tantra xox
I’ve watched this 3 / 4 times. Every time I get harder and see things I missed before. Let’s see more like it;

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