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Stable Hand - Himeros Backstage

Added: November 17, 2023 | Runtime: 59:10 | 495 views
Davey Wavey and friends discuss the latest Himeros.tv release.
Recent Comments:
When watching Naked Attraction, I have felt that it is a welcome change from mainstream porn in that the biggest dick, the most sculpted body, attributes that count most in most porn, are not usually chosen. I feel that Naked Attraction demonstrates a more wholistic and diverse side of our sexual attraction.
I hear what you said about people asking to see more real people- I believe it is because they want to see themselves getting the sexual experiences they may be missing. But when they watch it is more about what they fantasize or the recall of their prime. That is at least what I feel. I want more sexual variety and well as sex as a man of 64. But I love watching young men in their prime - recalling what is was like being young. BTW I appreciate what you are bringing to the porn scene and your honest discussions. I joined about a month ago and wish I discover Himeros years ago. Thanks

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