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Parallel Play

Added: January 31, 2022 | Runtime: 12:34 | 35,352 views

Parallel Play is a form of play in which children play adjacent to each other, but do not try to influence one another’s behavior. Children usually play alone during parallel play, but are interested in what other children are doing.

As we enter adulthood and relationships, we sometimes lose the capacity to play in a parallel way, especially if we depend heavily upon what the other is thinking about us. Adult sexuality in all contexts is heavily susceptible to a dynamic that is oriented away from one’s own center, creating a codependency in which each action of one disproportionately affects the other. Because sex has been cultivated for many of us in the shadows, we often tend to abandon what we might be thinking or feeling during pleasure in hopes of achieving validation or approval if we “do it right” or “look the part.” While we absolutely must develop the capacity to attune to our lovers, we also need to remain internally focused on our own pleasure and personal expression. It is within this tension of holding dual perspectives that allows us the freedom to enjoy both control and surrender at the same time.

Video concept by Finn Deerheart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
A very playful and erotic scene. Just goes to show that having fun with sex, can be a lot more enjoyable than the scripted, wam-bam thank-you Sir, which ends so often in feeling temporarily satisfied, but longing for something else. Also well done showing the back and forth dominance in the initial play. Another great scene.
Very erotic. These two have a real chemistry together. Love to see more of them.
Like watching a love scene in a rom com but actually Hot! Wonderful watching how playful and performativity they were with each other teasing and tempting with their bodies. Lovely work. Hits of this make me think you should do one on erotic stripping as both an art form and sexual enticement
A beautiful example of two men really making love. Only thing missing, imho, is Andre cumming. Jack’s orgasm was phenomenal and Andre’s response was great. Keep ‘em cumming, guys.
A great video. I love these two. I'm not sure I would have understood or picked up on the concept without reading Finn's description. And I see how it actually worked. They were playing with each other but kind of focused on themselves and what they wanted. Sometimes showing off and sometimes being with the other. Interesting. Thank you.
Andre's beautiful!
Jack Bailey is sooooooo beautiful, and this is the first video that really shows off all of his charms. Andre complements him perfectly, and their playfulness is endearing. Another "Gourmet Vanilla" video, like "Matrimony." You should make "Gourmet Vanilla" a regular category. It's like erotic comfort food.
ScrubJay 144 has it exactly right. Jack and Andre are each so good-looking, appealing & sexy (in wonderfully contrasting ways!) and have such amazing chemistry that their connections are totally authentic. They embody what Himeros is about and does so well in so many different ways and with varying male combinations. Yes, let us see more of them!
I watched the whole thing without touching myself once, because I was completely mesmerized. Andre is beautiful as always, and though I've loved Jack in everything I've seen him in (that smile, no?), I found myself thinking, "*There* you are!" I think it's because Jack, in this piece, reminded me of myself at my most calm, centred, and sexy.
Davey Wavey
Haha - that is cum on the camera lens!
I enjoyed this video and it turned me on and would like to see more! I enjoyed seeing the cum and wanted it myself!

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