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Every Cut Is A Lie

Added: April 19, 2021 | Runtime: 25:48 | 32,736 views

Filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard once said, “Cinema is truth 24 times a second, and every cut is a lie.” Indeed, each cut hides the truth of how films are made. In traditional filmmaking, these cuts hide repositioning actors, resetting lighting, lunch breaks and so on; a lot happens between each cut. In porn, these cuts hide water breaks, "fluffing", unusable footage, and so on. But when filmmaking is done well, each of these small lies is told to convey a larger truth to audiences.

But this film is unique.

Directed by Cherry Brice Jr and filmed by cinematographer Gladys Blum, the audience quickly realizes that there are no lies in this film. That is to say, this video was done in a single, uninterrupted 25-minute take. And in those 25 minutes, we see the full arc of Nate and Nico's morning encounter. In many ways, it feels like the most honest film that we've ever created - and it's a celebration of the talent with whom we have pleasure of working.

Recent Comments:
In watching this scene I understand exactly what the narrative to the film is saying. What a fresh and true to life scene filmed from start to finish with no scene breaks. You get use to seeing scenes where the guys underwear is on and then miraculously gone without him taking them off. The guy is soft and in an instant hard. This film also shows that it can take a while for a penis to get hard. Nico was dripping sweat working that scene. One of Nates eyes was watering a bit. I would imagine filming this was quite an undertaking for Nico and Nate being they had to go from start to finish with no cuts in the scene. The scene also demonstrates that an erection sometimes softens during sex too. The chemistry between the actors was spot on. I especially liked the way Nate was caressing and talking to Nico lovingly and his facial expressions looking into Nicos eyes waiting for his orgasm to happen. During this scene you could see where Nico had somewhat gone soft and with Nates encouragement you could see Nicos penis harden bit by bit until the tension built up to his orgasm. That was the real deal guys and so true to life. You are right Davey, this was a very honest sex scene between two guys that was as real as it gets. It was refreshing to watch. The only part and it was a minor part that seemed a bit out of place was Nico awakening with his cock ring on. I would think you would slip it on when ready to have sex but this was definitely the most real life filmed sex scene I have ever seen. SUPERB work guys.
sooo authentic so full of pasio and love thanks
So excited to watch this!
Another beautiful film with two beautiful guys!
Davey Wavey
Beautiful and talented! To stay present and focused while being filmed - and knowing that every moment of their interaction will be included in the final video without edits - is a real demonstration of their gifts.
Amazing. In an age when truth is more and more rare, it is interesting to see a video that not only tells the truth but lives it.
All this happened upon waking up... a bit of a stretch honestly? I enjoyed watching but it just seemed unrealistic. Too overzealous and not a damn bit of cuddling to welcome a new day, that would have been much more realistic and authentic.
I respectfully disagree with Billstr. This is a film with time restraints and there is no way it can be like an actual real life encounter. It is a depiction of a real life encounter and I think they did a pretty good job. With a crew standing over you and around you, imagine the distractions going through the performers minds while trying to keep an erection and then reaching an orgasm. Plus the fact that they have to perform their scene from start to finish in a reasonable amount of time with no cuts is much easier said than done I just know. I think the actors did a great job given the task they were given. Waking up at home and having sex is a lot different than playing that role on a set. I commend Davey and associates for creating content that is as little as like a studio production as possible. Even for professional performers I would imagine sex at home and sex on film is two quite different things.
BEST PORN SHOOT EVER!!!!, and not just for Himeros, but all studios. First time i haven't been bored by a scene that lasted as long as this one did, and I think it was because Nate and Nico, were playful, explorative, communicative with each other, and given licence to do the scene they wanted to do, and not follow a predetermined script that hits, all the high points like all the other porn companies use. (I swear they share one writer). And the great thing is, I bet if you gave this same creative license to two other equally playful and inquisitive models, the result would be a totally different scene that was equally hot. Kudos to the cinematographer who captured awesome but simple things like tears on Nates face from gagging on Nico's cock, sweat dripping from Nico on to Nate when he was over him., and limp cocks. Simple things but it made it feel even more real, and like actual sex. Davey, when I compare this scene to other companies, it shows just how much more evolved Himeros is, but you have truly outdone yourself this time. Thanks for making my day.
These guys are clearly lovers. They know each other's particular pleasure moves. It is easy to image one saying to the other, "Hey, whoever wakes up second with morning wood, just go for it." With that much of a setup, a couple could start their day that way. So much excellent images in this one, bravo. I will be changing how rough I treat balls in the future. I did so while watching the film and my balls had no problem making fluids. The chest slaps and punches are also new moves to me to be tried at a later date as they are a strong, manly move. I am into strong sex and strong smells, so the part devoted to pits worked for me. The mind has no trouble taking toe sucking to a sensual/sexual level so I was happy to see that. It was a small thing, but I did notice when the bottom was getting his ass eaten out, his toes widened. That's a this-is-fucking-amazing-and-I-need-him-in-me kind of reaction, at least from my experience. I was impressed at how quick the top got in, clearly these guys "know" each other well. Nothing quite as sexy as a sweaty top. It was good to see some switching of power dynamics. Thanks for the fine work.
AMAZING! The briefs, the ass eating, the foreskin, the ball stretching, the sweat dripping of Nico's body, the armpit eating... These two men are truly gifted beings. The true star of this film was the morning Golden Hour lighting. BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL! The couch, the briefs, the light; all took me back to the Polaroid aesthetic of my childhood. A romanticized exchange between lust, light and art! MAGNIFIQUE!
great sex and love between two men!
Stunningly beautiful! The authenticity was palpable... Thanks to all that made this possible.
I agree with all the rave reviews above. I assume the cinematographer Rose Bush is female? Wonderful work, but curious if a female working so close to the men affected the dynamics? The Himeros team is amazing and consistently in a class by itself.
Davey Wavey
It's something that I've thought about, but the biggest thing that seems to affect the dynamics is creating a safe space where models feel safe and supported - and are willing to be vulnerable. Creating that space is a genderless pursuit and I suspect everything else melts away when two deeply connected men come together.
Davey, thank you. That level of comfort and safety clearly underlies all that you do. And why everything is so authentic. You reaffirm and celebrate our basic humanity, which of course encompasses all genders, sexualities, varieties of humanness . Keep up the amazing work. Thank you
So passionate!
I’ve watched this repeatedly and become more entranced with it each time.
Gay sex is beautiful, it’s art. This couple is really good at it. I’m newer to the gay world and accepting myself. Videos like this make me certain I’m gay, I’m mesmerized by their bodies.

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