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Every Cut Is A Lie - Himeros LIVE

Added: April 22, 2021 | Runtime: 01:04:02 | 342 views
Davey Wavey and friends discuss the latest Himeros.tv video release.
Recent Comments:
Hey Davey. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation. I really like Duane. He is such a down to earth and cool guy who is smart and can be quite comical. And yes, let's all give him a thumbs up for totally liking Every Cut is a Lie, a totally enjoyable scene. I agree that future scenes made like this one would be great. Like Finn said it was like you were actually in the room watching the real thing. I also wanted to comment on the relationship you have with your mom. Fantastic. From the way you describe her she sounds like an absolutely wonderful woman. You should mark that trip with her off of your bucket list. You are so lucky to have a mom like her in your life. I hear you mention your dad from time-to-time. I was wondering if your relationship with your dad is as great as your mom's? Is he as accepting of you being gay as your mother is? Do you do things with him like your mom? I certainly hope so because he has a lot to be proud of. You know I was thinking a TV or network movie of your life would be great. To see you growing up and when you first realized you were gay and how it affected you and how your parents handled it in the beginning. How you were treated in school. Then how you started your You Tube channel and it's success all the way up to your Himeros productions. I believe that would be an inspiration for young gay people and older ones too. To show you can beat the cloud hanging over gay people and become a total success and a happy man. People like yourself and Tim Cook who are very successful and not film stars.

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