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Added: March 7, 2022 | Runtime: 17:34 | 66,569 views

Zeus embodies the following characteristics:

  • God of sky, lightning, thunderbolts
  • He fucks for the acquisition of power
  • “If I want it, I will take it; it’s not if, but how...”
  • He must cultivate accountability to others, to acknowledge their experiences are as important as his own
  • Connecting to his emotions is his task

“Notches on the bedpost” are the way that Zeus plays his eroticism, as sex is an acquisition of more power and validation than it is connection. In this scene, he surrenders his pursuit of numbers and “wins” a true lover--a romance fantasy of one who will tame the wild, unavailable man.

In myth, Zeus often turned himself into an eagle to fly and seduce lovers that he would then discard afterward, uncaring of their feelings.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Directed by altSHIFTxxx.com

Recent Comments:
OMG - I don't know what to say! This video blew me away! The intensity of the connection and the power shift was completely unexpected! It went to places I didn't expect it to go and I was glad I was along for the ride!
The one who tamed Zeus. Unique concept and great casting of Leander as Zeus, and as alway great cinematography. Well done Davey and team . Looking forward to the rest of the series.
This video is a world more interesting than what I expected (which was the standard fuck-and-go Zeus persona). This transformation story is--from the beginning--hot AF. And gorgeously filmed.
Two amazing men have taken Himeros to new Heights of sexual dynamism and energy. I watched it the first time without sound and was blown away by the subtlety and powerful interaction going both ways and building from the beginning to the end. As both are transformed. Phenomenal. And with the sound of course even more extraordinary. This is one of the very best day ever from beginning to end. Congratulations to the actors and to the entire team.
Interesting to see the Zeus archetype so delightfully portrayed. I echo MoonRabbit's use of "transformation" to describe it. In a sense, all good-to-great sex is about relinquishing power for the sake of love. And in a sense, that is the story of the gods as well as us. This could be called the "Dawn of the God" as a kind of counterpoint to Wagner's "The Twilight of the Gods."
Oh... my... gawd!!! Likely one of the hottest videos on Himeros.tv to date. I love Clark but oh my gosh... Leander is just incredible. I love it. I wanna tame Zeus!
Just what the Doctor ordered!
What a beautiful, erotic porn video. Love the age play and bondage
Nerdy-looking guys are the best! Behind those glasses are some of the most erotic and passionate and sensual minds.
The whole thing was gorgeous and subtle, but thank you especially for the shattering chalk, and Ganymede (?) claiming Zeus as his lover. If you ever want to publish written erotica based on stuff like this, I would love to try. :)
That was awesome!! We need to get to know Zeus better!!

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