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When To Heel

Added: January 23, 2023 | Runtime: 17:41 | 19,155 views

Love them or hate them, feet can be a powerful tool for connection.

Many believe that cats, for example, knead their feet to imprint their sweat gland signature to mark ownership. Our human feet and hands can emit an aromatic and energetic signature of their own, which can be sought by a submissive. To worship at a human’s feet can be an act of reverence to a god. For others, because feet are generally considered taboo or dirty, foot play can be a fun way to explore transgressive sex between partners.

Recent Comments:
Finally, my favorite fetish! Fuckin hot
Damn! Once again ...!! I love armpits, ass, and foreskin. But I never considered feet, which might sound odd. This gave me a raging erection before hunky Master had his shirt off! Nice!
Placing the sock in the mouth at the end, jut put me over the edge! Great job 🔥

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