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We The People

Added: May 13, 2024 | Runtime: 12:51 | 10,861 views
We have been brought up to believe that our mind is cohesive, singular, and in control. This paradoxical feature of the human psyche both serves us and hinders us in key ways. On the contrary, we are actually many minds in one, and the unconscious dimension of our psyches drives the majority of our human experience. Our journeys into wholeness require that we make peace with and integrate those aspects of ourselves that we have cast out in order to secure love and acceptance. In our darkest places, if we brave them, we uncover opportunities to cultivate tremendous personal power and spiritual light.

Two models play a game with dice in which they use their bodies to represent three different aspects of sexuality.

1) Love: slow, contactful and holding space for union. Their movement creates a sense of sensuality and blurring of individual identity.

2) Lust: this is animalistic and brutal; they are aiming for intensity and the edge of civility, wild animals tearing each other.

3) Power: in this round, they play with various combinations of power exchange and control.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
There is some good, playful chemistry here!
Erotica and Vivaldi - a marriage made in heaven.
Jordan is indeed a star. What a gorgeous body, beautiful cock and smooth ass!
Very disappointing, especially since both the performers have done such great work in the past. Did not feel any interesting sexual energy, very one-sided. why is Cain wearing a jock the whole time? Very passive energy.
So beautiful and sensuous once again. I love the concept and both models were hot and the sex was great. I smiled while masturbating to it
This video was total pleasure to watch with two beautiful men making love and enjoying each other fully.

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