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Underwear Sniffing

Added: December 18, 2017 | Runtime: 03:57 | 3,391 views
Few things are sexier than the smell of a hot guy. When it comes to sexual activity, incorporating your sense of smell can inspire new heights of pleasure and sensuality. Pheromones are carried on our clothing, and - in particular - our underwear. Ask a partner or lover for a fresh pair of his gently used underwear. Maybe he’s worked out in it, or worn it for a few hours. Maybe it has traces of sweat, pre-cum or urine on it. There are so many scents in which to indulge! Find a spot to gratify yourself with his underwear. Start by looking at the underwear… just witness it. Slowly bring the underwear to your nose, and breathe in the scent. Allow yourself to use your whole body. Breath it in more deeply, holding the underwear over your nose and face. Follow your nose wherever it takes you and get lost in the ecstasy, using your other hand to arouse your cock. Allow the odor to drive you into a frenzy… having your whole face pressed against the crotch of the fabric. Take several deep breaths by inhaling through the nose. Pause and then exhale through the mouth. Caress your body and rub your cock while your sense of smell leads the way. Breathe in the perform of the man you desire. Allow yourself to stroke your cock, pausing to heighten your arousal and enjoying the fantasy of the underwear. Lose yourself in the underwear and allow your ejaculation to be about the scent that is being inhaled into your body, merging with you. Enjoy.
Recent Comments:
Sexy guy without beautiful cock
Very nice scene. skillfully crafted vid. (the background noise the guy, it fits perfectly)
Combining erotic, manly scents with glorious feelings as he masturbates....
Does anyone know this porn star's name?
Davey Wavey
His name is "Blessed Boy"
Amazing. Wonderful capture of the eroticism of scent.
Write a Comment...would love to see the stains please !!!!!!
I have subscribed on and off to this site as much as my finances permits for about a year now. I must say to date this video is my all time favorite. No music. No narrative. Just one man, a pair of underwear and the sound of sniffing deeply as he strokes himself. It gets no better.
One of the very best, nothing hotter and more sensual than the wonderful aroma of a manly crotch! Sniffing mine while I watch and join in . . .
I've been engaging in homosexual sex for almost 40 years and its amazing the transitions one goes through and what is erotic and satisfying and then how that changes over time for many reasons. The sense of smell in sex has increasingly been highly erotic for me and my partner. I enjoyed this short video, thank you very much. Sometimes I think it would be fun to write down and chronicle the stages of sexuality that my husband of 34 years and I have gone through. Its fascinating and a wonderful feeling of accomplishment that we've remained simpatico with all the changes we've encountered. We've remained 95% monogamous sharing a fling here and there or him allowing me to infrequently attend things like a Leather weekend in Ptown but through it all we still have AWESOME sex two to three times a week.

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