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Underwear Sex

Added: May 28, 2018 | Runtime: 07:23

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There are countless ways to be intimate with a partner or fuckbuddy, and this video challenges us to redefine our understanding of sex. It encourages us to think outside the dick-to-mouth and cock-to-ass narrative that we're accustomed to seeing in porn by asking the question, "Can you fuck a guy without even taking his underwear off?" As the boys demonstrate, the answer is YES.

This video features Helix exclusive models Joey Mills and Blake Mitchell, and is inspired by Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com

Recent Comments:
Brent Noyes
To me this is such a turn on. I know that I love it when you and your partner begin kissing and touching and rubbing and then begin to take each other's clothes off. To strip down to your underwear which is perfect to see outlines and even a peek but to leave everything else to the imagination. And then you hug each other and your cock and balls in their pouch touch your partners in his underwear and it feels so unbelievable. Great shots doing 69ing and love the hands exploring all the curves and secret areas that guys like. This is the time that I like to feel the guy's tongue kissing me and feeling his beard growth on his face. Then I know that love is right.
Please make sure the actors in these movies are well groomed..fingernails trimmed....attractive actors would be more fun to watch.
The video captures young love--two "twinks" in wet tighty whities who explore their bodies--very homoerotic!
Beautiful! Stunningly and erotically beautiful!
so so hot. I love the white briefs.. soo sexy!
Only been here a few minutes and well worth the money !! will be buying a subscription later !! Thank-you so much indeed Amazing !!!!!
so erotic !!!
I literally bought a year's subscription to this site based solely on this 7-minute video. So: Firstly, well done! And secondly: More in undies, please!
Amazing seeing current twinks making out in tighty whities, thank you - wish there was more.