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Trans Male Pleasure

Added: August 8, 2022 | Runtime: 35:57 | 21,693 views

Tantric instructor Will Tantra is joined by Haskell Holland in an ecstatic tutorial about navigating trans-male bodies and pleasure. Through this video, you'll learn about communication, questions to ask, pleasure points and other techniques for more fulfilling experiences with trans male lovers.

Video concept by Will Tantra: http://www.tantricfitness.com.

Recent Comments:
I really don't want to be taught, I want to be entertained. Fast forward after 30 seconds.
So intense and beautiful! Will is great and soooo hot.
Love the work you do Davey. To make these videos even better, closed caption/subtitles would really be awesome. For the hearing impaired, like myself. Especially these videos that have tutorials.
This is another one that feels hot and important to me. While we as trans men are different (from one another and cis men), it is so important to know that all people should feel empowered to connect with themselves and their partner(s) about what makes THEM feel good. important modeling here. and thank you, Haskell, Davey, and Will, for getting the 101 out of the way so that the playing field is just a little more level. Also, because I saw this on the last video with a trans guy, I'm pre-emptively going to say that not everyone has to want us; that's totally okay. It's better for us to play with people who genuinely desire us and who we are. One thing that I don't know that himeros has to showcase or that we'll see if it makes its way into porn more eventually, but. Not all trans men have identical junk. some have had bottom surgery (metoidioplasty or phalloplasty). and someday, it will be cool to see how porn will include those bodies too. All the bodies and all the types of dicks under the sun can be hot! Off my soap box. Back to watching the hot content.
Great video! I agree with the comment requesting closed caption being hard of hearing myself. More for narrative aspects of many of your videos and even some dialog. I like to know what's being said. Being bi/pan I'm attracted to persons regardless of gender including trans persons. Seeing sexuality of trans guys is very arousing for me. Your inclusion of it here is very appreciated. More please. I'm sure Will can create enough scenarios for your patrons like myself.
I agree with the comments above about closed caption. I noticed in this video that the camera action was rough and jerky. Did you have a new camera person? Not the usual great quality.
Found this entertaining and educational. I have always been curious if trans can experience orgasm, and how post op genitalia appears. I am happy that orgasm can occur, genitalia appears natural, and functional. Thank you for presenting this media.
I think Will may have given Haskell at least one stroke from how many times he came. I don't think Haskell is complaining.
This has got to be the most hot, delightful, real, and fun video I’ve seen!!!!
This is HOT as hell!! I am a gay man through and through and still, this is hot!! Would fuck a FTM, probably so! Kudos Himeros!
Amazing Haskell how you show step by step to dad your sexuality and needs. Will you have really my respect how you hold your needs back and workshiping bros horned manhood and whole meaty genitals area until you become together so familiar that he is not ashamed to spread his masculine legs and begins to nuts all his jizz until last drop. Beautiful to see you both that real buddies doesn’t care about age/size/backgrounds/body types and other banalities, but enjoying time together like normal fellas actually should. That’s much hotter than picky boring “smooth gym models”.

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