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Trans Guys in Sweatpants

Added: June 13, 2022 | Runtime: 16:05 | 38,687 views

This scene is a parody on a popular porn site. The intent of this scene is to play with the genre, and to subvert notions about masculinity and the centrality of biological cocks.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
Looking forward to this one so much! :D
Your work does more than just dispel societies idea of who is who in the physical form. . it shows that the person from within given the opportunity to be themselves can in fact be masculine feminine or any spectrum within . A beautiful example of love exchanged in a powerful army of emotions. Sexually on fire! I found this to be very hot!!! Keep opening minds and hearts!
I agree with HJR2209. This video expresses love among all the participants. It was powerful and it was hot at the same time. I loved the looks on all of the guys faces when Stevie made his entrance at the pool. The one guy with the round sun glasses tickled the daylights out of me with the "wow" look on his face when Stevie walked by. It was also cool hearing Finn's voice at the beginning. The music was great too. This is what I like so much about Himeros. They cover all types of people and sexual preferences and techniques. Real life and done with love and respect.
This was only "so so" on my personal interest scale. But, it was well done and filmed nicely I personally have never seen the appeal of sucking on a dildo. But, I can understand the desire of a Trans Guy using it to fuck someone else. Being the voyeur that I am , I would like to have seen the Trans Guy show some frontal without the attached dildo.
Huh. Not interested. Maybe a separate channel for Trans’ and their fans?
Davey Wavey
I hear that. I will say, we show a variety of different guys. Some younger, some older. Some with fur, some smooth. Some with bio cocks. Some trans. We want all guys to see a reflection of themselves on the site - with the message that all bodies are deserving of pleasure, so representation feels important. Personally... I find that even if a guy isn't necessarily my "type", I can still enjoy - and be turned on - the sex that they are having. And actually, sometimes I surprise myself... and find bodies sexy that I hadn't previously considered. It's hard to be attracted to what you never see.
Well said Davey. I will not discriminate against anyone. We are all human beings and we are all different both in demeanor and sexuality. Himeros shows all varieties of sexuality and as Davey says introduces us to people we may not be as familiar with sexually. I have not been as exposed to trans people and I am glad to actually learn about their sexuality. As the old saying goes, "variety is the spice of life". As gay people we have been discriminated against for years. And why, because we are attracted sexually to our own sex. The only difference from us and a straight guy is who we are attracted to. The only difference, Big deal. That is why I won't discriminate against a trans person. I look at the honesty, caring and decency of a person. I don't give a flying fig who they are attracted to as long as they are consenting adults and if a guy or woman feels trapped in the wrong sex then they should be able to correct the situation if possible. I guess you have to experience it to fully understand it. I applaud Davey and Finn for showing all types of sexuality. If a segment is not your cup of tea, bypass the episode. And I love the way Davey features older guys too. They continue to be sexual beings and deserve recognition too. I loved the episode with the 80 something year old man still getting erections and ejaculating and enjoying himself with the younger guys and at the same time the younger guys embracing him. Just fantastic. You just don't find this kind of loving and caring material anywhere. Thank you Davey and Finn.
Excellent reply Davey!
thank u davey i resubscribed because you made this video.
Davey Wavey
You're welcome. <3
Thank you for including trans men in your content in a way that is sexy and not fetishized. My partner is trans and it’s great for us both to see porn that is reflective of us, it empowering. Thank you for all you do!
This is beyond beautiful.. and hot!
Finn is craaazzy sexy in that opening scene .... mmmm woof!!!
Stevie is super hot! I would love to see more videos with him.
I found it very deftly done, the way you reclaimed each element of the “Guy in sweatpants” phenomenon for a trans guy—from the idea that everyone drools over him, to the playboy/ass hound vibe of claiming one after another, to the classic “roughhousing” bro vibe when he knocks each of them into the pool. I began to anticipate each one and it was a nice erotic moment. That this particular trans actor is okay with bottoming and likes his ‘pussy’ as he once explicitly says, you were also very tasteful about. Close-ups on the particular hole being fucked are fine, but in this case the general avoidance of them serves the goal of making Stevie appear visually like “one of the guys”—at the same time, you deliberately acknowledge the difference twice during the sex scene in almost unmistakeable ways that help normalise viewing the alternative genitalia of trans guys into the image of a guy. The one thing I’m curious about is whether the one close-up on the creampie is blurred on purpose, as it gave the hole an ambiguous appearance that the viewer can relate incompletely to either back or front hole. Great, artistic video!
As a transmasc, its damn near impossible to find good inclusive porn like this that isn't fetishized, so thank you to everyone who helped make this video and others like it!

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