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Trans Autonomy - Himeros Backstage

Added: July 30, 2021 | Runtime: 01:01:18 | 1,685 views
Davey Wavey and friends discuss the latest Himeros.tv video.
Recent Comments:
Hey Davey. It is Xavier again. I have come out of the fire pit and calmed down a bit. The remarks and expressions he made did infuriate me but I also realize we are all ignorant in different ways and I found his ignorance. I'm not upset that he disliked the comments but it is the way he handled himself. Instead of chastising he could have professionally pointed out what he found offensive. I certainly would not disrespect him the way he did me. And if he told me in a professional way where he thought I was wrong I would have respected that. As I said there was no intention on my part to insult anyone. But his body language, facial expressions and words were insulting. He should no better than this but as I said we are all ignorant in different ways. I find all of your regular folks and all guests you have to be very personable. I don't really dislike this guy but he needs to watch what he says and does. Anyway I have decided that I am not going to quit Himeros because of a negative statement from him. If he becomes annoying I will scroll forward. I will continue to comment and if he doesn't like it, so be it. You also don't have to publish or read it. And I can always mute him. I love your work and have always supported it disagreeing with others' negative comments when I felt they were not correct. I don't expect him to state in any way that he went overboard with his comments but if he did I would gain respect for him again.
Thank you Davey. I do admire and respect you very much and the work you produce, too.

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