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Blake Tied To A Bridge

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Added 04/09/2018

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When someone tells you about tantric sex, what do you think of? Two guys making love next to a big golden altar in a temple with candles? What about… bondage?

Bondage and role-play ARE sacred! They help us transcend ordinary reality and get out of our cluttered minds. The most important thing to remember is that whatever you do, let it be exciting and pleasurable! Excitement is our rocket-fuel for traveling to new places, and intention is everything! Set your intention to energize your body and discover something new.

A few words about bondage:

Tying someone up can be REALLY fun, exhilarating, and even enlightening. It’s also a very serious matter. The guy being tied up really is completely helpless, and the top can do anything to him that he wants. While this might be super-exciting, it’s important to have safe-guards for safe, highly exciting fun!

If you don’t know the person you’re playing with, especially if you don't know anyone else who can tell you what he’s like as a bondage top, it’s probably a good idea not to be tied up the first time you play. Instead, you might experiment with role-playing as if you’re tied up. Once you’ve played and feel established in your connection, you can move on to other fun things like soft restraints.

Before you begin, have a conversation with your buddy about what excites him. Remember that this is PLAY and it’s intended for excitement and transformation. Some forms of BDSM test guys’ endurance, but that’s not what we’re demonstrating here. We’re demonstrating transformational erotic pleasure between two men who love and honor each other and like to excite each other!

Agree on a “safe word”. This would be a word which won’t be confused with exciting play—something completely unexciting, like “hamster” or “red”. “Red” tends to be a universal safe word that means, “I want to stop everything and be untied now.” If you don’t want to completely stop everything, you could use “yellow” to mean, “Hey—I want to pause the role-play and just talk to YOU for a minute…”. Both top and bottom can use the “safe word” at any time either one of them feels a bit uncomfortable, needs a break, or just wants to check in.

If you’re the top, remember—whatever you “do” to the excited bottom, you’re loving him and wishing him lots of fun and excitement in your heart while you watch the excited fucker squirm. If you get overwhelmed or need to pause or stop for any reason, use the safe word! Why? In order to dominate someone, you need to first be in charge of yourself; if you’re feeling spun-out or overwhelmed or tired, then you’re not really in charge and you might accidentally hurt someone.

If you’re the bottom, relax and let go into the ecstasy of pure surrender. Notice what you’re feeling at all times. Be observer of your own experience. Use your safe word if anything gets to be too much.

This concept was inspired by Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com. Joey Mills and Blake Mitchell are exclusive models for Helix Studios.

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