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Théâtre De Confession

Added: November 29, 2021 | Runtime: 11:37 | 23,554 views

In a bright spotlight - the eye of consciousness - a boy is led onto stage of the théâtre, bound in seated position to a chair facing the audience of other men - one leg tied to one leg of the chair, and the other leg tied to the other. His arms are tied behind the back of the chair.

He is then edged for the others to watch and pleasure themselves. The boy is asked questions, making him confess his desires. The boy continues to reveal more and more intensity in his confessions. The men in the crowd are moaning, cheering him on, shouting out their own questions.

When we repress our desires, as we have been conditioned to do by institutions of family, culture, church, and nation, they often actualize in ways that can cause us more harm than good. On the other hand, when we bring consciousness to the desires, we either burn through their meanings and no longer need the fantasies, OR we are able to achieve a kind personal redemption by bringing them into connection with our communities’ values, ethics, and standards. We bring awareness into the shadowy depths of our psyches, thereby freeing up energy, expression, and holism of self. This affects us in ways far beyond sex, as sex is merely a lens into our beingness. We unlock a way of holding these “truths” in an embodied way. Our brains are then finally able to integrate these desires into the whole of who we are ever becoming.

When we admit to ourselves what we truly desire, we unlock a way of holding that truth in our own bodies.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Filmed by Ed.

Recent Comments:
Love the Berlin 1920s concept! "I think you have a lovely dick", meaning pretty large in this instance. What if he had had a small dick? Would the narrative still have applied? Would he have been as deserving of admiration from the audience? From himself? Would he have qualified for "like porn, but better" treatment? I think yes. Himeros has the talent to demonstrate this. Thank you for your continuing transformation of what pornography can do.
Great concept, and excellent delivery by Gabriel and Alex. I also liked the way you demonstrated, that the larger many can be the submissive, and the slighter man can be the dominant. Size does not define those positions, more a state of mind. great job Davey and crew.
Love the concept of watching a play. Alex is a really good actor, he played the part so well. Gabriel moments of laughter was so endearing. Just fun and sexy! thank you for making art! the creativeness is not only arousing, but a work of beauty.
Davey, Well done. I loved the theme and or course any video with Gabriel is a winner.
Beautifully done. Thanks.
WHAT a fan-fucking-tastic video! I feel tremendous amount of gratitude, seeing a video where some of the most taboo of desires (such as a desire to be choked) can be voiced. For anyone watching the video, the description down below the video really puts the video into context, with a profound explanation of what it means to bring unconscious, unexpressed desires into full consciousness. Of course, we may all have our own rendition of the way we would love to see a hot sex story unfold, but in MY "durdy-fukr" OPINION, I think that the Boy's hands ought to have been untied JUST long enough for him to THINK he might be just about to CUM, and then...I would have loved to have seen his hands tied up again, just on the brink of climax, and made to beg his Sir to please let him CUM. I say if you're going to edge a man, then might as well enjoy the fuck out of yourself doing it. And yes...there are practical logistics, like how much you can film in a 2-hour time slot. Let's do a variation on this one again! (It will never be the same twice!). What a wonderful kinky idea! Thank you, Finn, for your brilliant manners of bringing deep-consciousness play into gay erotica, and thank you, luscious performers Gabriel and Alex, for such a hot show! Brad Amberheart
This looks like it was a lot of fun to film and watch in person!

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