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Through The Glass

Added: June 15, 2020 | Runtime: 10:54 | 703 views

Living through a global pandemic, many of us have had to explore new ways of experiencing pleasure and connection - all while protecting our health and wellbeing.

For different people, that means different things. Socially-distanced jerk off sessions. Hot zoom calls with fuckbuddies. Being quarantined with a partner. Or, in this video, connecting with a lover through a glass window.

Sex is adaptive. We can - and will - find a way.

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Recent Comments:
Hot and very relevant for the times.
Two stunningly beautiful masculine men making the most of a bad situation! Absolutely hot and gorgeous celebration and sharing of bodies and emotions. Creative and amazing work, thank you!
Black Boots
Very hot. I’d like to see more of these models.
Pretty good. But could have made it more obvious that they were separated by glass from the outset (or reminders). Also, a view of their cumshots would have been appreciated. Cum on glass is amazing; the viewer could have done with that. But otherwise, capital eroticism and well done to the actors.
Again very creative take on social distancing during pandemic!
Would like to see more of this type of male here!

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