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The Whispers

Added: December 20, 2021 | Runtime: 14:40 | 30,009 views
Haunted by a previous lover, it's impossible to ignore the whispers of relationships past.
Recent Comments:
First of all great scene, hot connected, it hit all the right buttons for me. I think i was following the symbolism of Adam inviting Jack's former partner to be involved in the scene, but got a bit confused when Adam started interacting with Bama. It was not a big deal, but i just didn't understand how a fantasy of Jack's former life would allow for Adam to directly connect with him (Bama). Maybe the Backstage conversation will unravel a bit of that for me. Still a great scene. Always great to see Adam, and glad that we are seeing more of Bama. looking forward to the podcast if there is going to be on this week. I will keep an eye on my feed.
Davey Wavey
I love this comment. The truth is, when we have sex with someone, we're having sex with all their partners, too. This video is a cinematic representation of that - so that's why Adam is interacting with Bama.

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