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The Surrender

Added: March 8, 2021 | Runtime: 15:22 | 16,032 views
Submission is the process where one gives themselves over to another. In this video, we witness a bottom surrendering more fully with each subsequent top - as he moves from a position of defiance into a place of desire and acceptance. Video concept by Paul: http://www.kinkycoach.com
Recent Comments:
WOW this was great. Love it!
Davey, far be it from me to criticize the videos on Himeros because most of them are educational in addition to being erotic. They help you to understand all of the different styles and nuances of sex and lovemaking and your wonderful website provides a great service to the community. But I have to be honest with you, I did not get the concept of this video at all. I read the narrative but I can't seem to follow it. The video was hot but strange at the same time.
Damn! Where do I sign up to be a scarecrow?
How natural. What chemistry! After the initial shock reminiscent of Matthew Shepard, that kiss-almost-kiss and the freeing leads a very subtle and delicious piece. Very nice trio.
I don't know if I truly dislike this video because of the evocation of Matthew Sheppard or if I truly like this video because of the evocation of Matthew Sheppard. The video is beautifully done with really attractive participants, but I don't go along with the voluntary submission premise.
I love the blindfold metaphor--being blind to race and open to men of color.
The allusion to the death of Matthew Shepard was a huge turn-off to me, and I’m disappointed you’d use that image here.
Davey Wavey
It's actually something we didn't even consider. We were exploring kinky ways to use the gate for a cow pasture in Missouri. I certainly apologize for any implied connection with Matthew Shepard. It wasn't our intention.
Wow, Himeros so gets it. So glad I came across CEO Davey on You Tube - looking forward to outside activities, events, Tantra, Jason - loving back.
Scorching like everything else here. Wanna write for Davey - I'm trained high level masters degree
I keep returning to this video. It's insanely erotic from beginning to end. Thanks so much for this one and its perfection.
I had the same feeling about it being to similar to Matthew Shepard and could not watch. He was tied to a fence in the same way. It feels like an iconic image for gay hate
Davey Wavey
Understood. It definitely wasn't our intention to draw a connection when filming this. I apologize for that.
I recently watched this again and was struck by how it is driven by and perpetuates the racist notion of black men with huge dicks overpowering a white person for sex (this could also be referred to as rape). Granted that being raped is a fantasy many enjoy, nevertheless there were other ways to portray this. Greater sensitivity to this kind of thing (as with the Matthew Shepherd reference) would be a huge improvement.
First 30 seconds alone anticipation has been built. The mark of a true artist/director/team. The accompanying score searing. The comments sections here are truly fantastic. Men really spending time on the answer/reply. Unselfishly-so. For the benefit of others, not self. Every thread just a compelling, thought-provoking read. Much instruction and learning.
Sometimes I like to play the submissive role. I recall vividly when my husband as master and another guy we met on a trip tied me down on a bed and got me to an explosively beautiful orgasm through masturbation!

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