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The Release

Added: March 25, 2024 | Runtime: 14:37 | 14,406 views

What do you really long for, with all of your heart?

Sexual healing refers to the long-lost art of holding another man – intimately, sexually, and affectionately – in our care while his body heals, transforms, and wakes up. Men who love men have done this since ancient times. Such acts of intimate sexual healing may nearly have been erased from history, but today, via this groundbreaking video, our history is coming alive again.

The video opens with a man sobbing, in full cathartic release, being held by a circle of loving, caring, and kind lovers. Jeff’s assignment in that morning’s workshop was to consider what he most wanted to invite into his life. His tears are tears of grief over having lived many years without what he really wanted, which is a loving, caring partner with whom he can share his life. The ensuing video is an actual ritual of activation by John, who consciously agreed to step in – even if just for an hour or so – to represent the lover and partner Jeff desires, and to reactivate the real vision of attracting that lover into his life.

Together, we’re about to witness – and learn – the long-lost art of Sacred Intimacy, which is the act of one man stepping up to serve another as an unconditional lover, supporter, ally, and companion for another, for an agreed-upon length of time. We’re also witnessing the remarkable scene of an entire community (tribe) of men supporting this powerful healing.

May this video inspire us to remember where we’ve been, who we are, and why we’re here as a tribe of men who love men.

Live Workshop & Video Concept by Sacred Intimate Brad Amberheart: https://www.bradamberheart.com.

Recent Comments:
This video left me with a warm and loving feeling. How beautiful to see John comforting Jeff with his body and gentle kisses. Using John's entire body contact to give love and warmth to Jeff was a beautiful sight to see. I know if I was feeling like Jeff did how I would love to have someone comfort me, hold me and reassure me like that. And the fact that John was turned on by Jeff and he released his sacred seed on his chest in that loving and nurturing situation was the final loving gesture. I loved the sweet smiles between the two at the end the gentle caress of Jeff's chest plus the hand on heart. The body contact was so warm and no penetration was needed. Just love and nurturing.
Beautiful and tender, this one made me cry
This is one of the most sensual and beautiful videos you've done. As an older man (74), I appreciate the older ages of the actors. I also appreciate the fact that one doesn't have to have a large penis or be totally erect when enjoying another man. This video gets a 12 on a 10 point scale! Keep up the wonderful work, Davey.
Davy i can see your audience soaking this loving and understand portrayal of two men understanding an loving one another great job
One of the best yet. Love these guys!
marvelous keep it up!
Wow! Just wow. This was absolutely beautifully done. The vulnerability and openness of Jeff was incredible. I could feel his pain and hurt of wanting love and to be seen and to see another man in a loving way. As a 54 year old man going through the same thing, this really hit home for me. Thank you for the work you do, the stories you portray with Himeros. This is one I will watch over and over again. Thank you Davey for seeing all men for all men to see. Jeff .....I see you !
Thank you for addressing an important issue for older men like myself who needs this connection with other men in a loving caring sexual relationship to reassure us thar we are valuable in connecting as we are with another man
Outstanding! The spectrum of emotions shared in this production is so tangible and authentic. What a substantive presentation, thank you!
A beautiful connection.

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